Welcome to Santa Fe, NM!

The Land of Enchantment, you’ll be flying into Albuquerque before heading to Santa Fe for four days of art and nature and culture and indulgence. Santa Fe is a city that has so much to offer - from quaint streets to amazing food. Their art scene is amazing - from rows of galleries to local artisans to museums by some of the most famous artists in history, your eyes will never get bored. Along the way, we’ve got some great surprised planned for you, we think you’re gonna love them!

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about Santa Fe, NM


New Mexico's capital city is a small, intimate town that offers way more than you might expect from a town this size. Nicknamed "The City Different,” it looks like no other place in this country. It offers world-class music, art & a sophisticated dining scene. The only thing surpassing the beauty found within the city itself is the nature surrounding this town. It’s cool to be cool.

Finding Your Way

Once you get to town, getting around is easy. Voted one of America's most walkable cities, the downtown area & the historical districts are eminently walkable. The pervasive art-everywhere attitude will wow you as you walk. The Santa Fe Pickup Shuttle starts & ends in front of Jean Cocteau Cinema on Montezuma Ave & runs counter-clockwise with various stops around town. Lyfts are available also, but may be harder later into the night. Keep in mind, a lot of the best treasures are found outside of downtown, so rental cars are usually the best way to go.

Airport Deets

Santa Fe has a small, municipal airport but it is expensive & there are layovers unless flying from Dallas or LA. Most people fly to Albuquerque (ABQ) & drive the historic Turquoise Trail into Santa Fe. The rental car center is located offsite with shuttles running every 5 minutes between outside the 1st level of the terminal building & the center.


Santa Fe, which means Holy Faith, was founded in 1610, making it the oldest state capital in the U.S. The San Miguel Church is the oldest church structure in the country. The area was originally occupied by indigenous Tanoan people, who lived in pueblo villages centered around the site of today's Plaza & all along the Rio Grande. The indigenous people of the areas’ culture is still very prevalent in the art, traditions, & buildings. In recent history, artists, designers, & musicians have flocked here to take be inspired by this unique part of the country.

Why Am I Here?

Santa Fe is one of the most distinctive cities in America. It's like stepping back in time to see the native peoples selling their wares, visiting the museums, the adobe architecture, & the ancient churches. Then there's the modern galleries, the Opera, the restaurants, the outdoor sports, & the world-class spas to snap you back into the modern age. It's timeless meets contemporary & definitely worth the trip!


Well above the U.S. average, this town gets 283 sunny days a year. It is generally a warm, dry climate with only 15" of rain a year. Winter months bring an average 26" of snow, which is great for the surrounding ski slopes. It can snow as late as May! Summer highs are 86° with low humidity & lows in January dip to 18°.

Local Delicacies

Red or green? That's an important question in Santa Fe. It refers to the kind of chile you prefer on your New Mexican fare. When in doubt, you can order "Christmas" & you'll get to try both! Don’t forget to try the local piñon coffee for a smooth, rich taste.


The shopping here - everything from funky cowboy boots to wonderful pieces of art - will make your heart sing. Shop on the Plaza & get handmade jewelry & pottery. Turquoise, silver, spices, art, & boots are big sellers in shops all over town.


New Mexicans don’t stand on formality - they embrace their surroundings! There are lots of true cowboys - boots, hats, & Wranglers. You’ll also see lots of flowing dresses & hippie inspired wear for women. & don’t forget the jewelry! The bigger the statement pieces, the better. For the weather, we recommend layers - it’s very cold in the winter & can even be chilly during summer nights.

Must Know

It might take a little time to acclimate to the high & dry of Santa Fe - it sits at 7,000 feet above sea level! Drink lots of water & take your time. If you go hiking, prepare with liquid & sunscreen. It’s the desert but don’t assume there’s no water & no winter! The Rio Grande runs right through the middle & it’s a premiere skiing locale with lots of snowfall.

I’d never seen anything like it before, but it fitted to me exactly. The sky is different, the wind is different

- Georgia O’Keefe