FAQ - Hotels

When you check in, your room & fees are prepaid. However you will have
to provide a credit or debit card to check in. They will put a hold on the
card for incidentals which can vary - the hotel employee will inform you
how much will be held. Assuming everything is fine upon check out, the
hold will be released back to you within a few business days.

Since your hotel is prepaid, if you are asked for any payment or see any
charge other than the incidentals (mini bar, drinks, room service, etc) on
your card, please reach out to us immediately.

Most rooms will have a mini bar and/or a small coffee maker in your room,
however if you need additional things not commonly in hotel rooms
(microwaves, refrigerators, etc) be sure to call down to the front desk and
they will help however they can.

When booking your room, we can’t guarantee a bed type. If you are a
couple, you may have one king or two queens for example. For groups of 3
in a hotel room, we always will have 2 beds. If you have specific bed
needs, please just let us know in your survey in advance!

Most hotels check in times are at 3pm and checkout is at 11am, give or
take. If you arrive early or have a later flight, feel free to leave your luggage
with the front desk while you go and explore!

Your hotel concierge is your best resource. They’re certainly ours at Whym!
We’ve made friends with dozens all over the country. If you need help, have
questions, or just want a locals opinion, they’re your best bud.

Tipping isn’t required but is customary for hotel help. Common times to tip
are when the concierge helps you, the bellman brings up or down your
bags, the valet pulls your car around, etc. Customary tips usually range
from $2-20 depending!

If you decide to go to the hotel bar or restaurant, you can have them
charge it to your room and they will just put it on the card you provided for
incidentals upon checkout.