FAQ - Traveling During The Pandemic

It is a strange time in the world and travel has been greatly affected. The CDC is recommending only essential travel currently. As states begin to open up, travel is beginning to resume. However, please be aware there are mandatory quarantines in place for just over half of the states in effect at the moment. Should you choose to travel, we're happy to help, but please keep in mind that while we will do all we can to plan you a seamless trip, things are changing very fast all over the country. 

We totally get having itchy feet and being ready to explore but not having a month of time to take off of work to quarantine in both directions. We will choose a destination that at the time of booking does not have any sort of mandatory quarantine against your state. Should that change, we will connect with you and ask if you would like to rebook for future dates or receive credit towards a future date. 

Airplanes are exhausting even not during a global pandemic, so we get it. We do have two great options for you if this is how you feel. 1) Road trip baby! Taking your own car, we will plan you an awesome road trip complete with a full itinerary and a playlist or two for the drive. 2) Staycations right in your own backyard. We know we're a surprise destination travel company and in a normal world we protect your destination with our lives but 2020 is far from normal. So if you are in need of a little pampering and luxury and want to just go do something different safely in your own town, we've got you covered. We will plan you a hotel, itinerary, the whole shebang for a long weekend getaway, no out of state germs required. 

Not the trip you or we imagined, that is absolutely for sure. We do still have a few options however. Option 1 - keep your trip booked as planned. Assuming there are no quarantines in place and you feel safe, we can keep your trip booked and cross our fingers! Option 2 - Reschedule for a later date. If you have dates in mind that would work for everyone, we will happily make plans to move the trip, just let us know and we'll get right on it! Option 3 - If you know you want to wait and see how the world is at a later time, we get it. We will begin making calls to cancel things and issue you credit to rebook whenever you're ready. The credit will be with Whym and never expires. In some instances, airlines aren't offering refunds, only credits with them for the future. In that case, we will issue you those credits directly alongside the Whym credit. 

While we will do absolutely everything in our power to ensure a fun time had safely, all we can do is provide you guidance. We will only send you to places your state can get to and have added questions to our survey about your comfort levels. IE - indoor vs outdoor dining, groups or solo tours, etc. We will also always recommend masks be worn and will advise on your destinations rules and regulations. As long as proper social distancing and mask guidance is followed, we will work hard to plan you a great trip without any of the stress of looking these things up yourself. And as always, your personal concierge is right in your pocket at all times to help whenever you us!

We are obsessive about our research. Truly, it'd be considered a problem if it wasn't our job. That said, with COVID many businesses hours and operations have been altered with little or no warning. 24 hours before you depart, we double check again that everything on your itinerary is open and operating per our suggestions but, you know, 2020. So should you run into any issues or there be any hiccups, just shoot us a text and we'll hop in and help! And anyway, what's life without a little spontaneity. 

We're so glad! We can't wait to get back to the adventures we love. If you're ready, hit the button below to begin booking. If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot us a text at tel:347-766-9496 or just hit our chat button in the bottom right corner. Otherwise, pick your trip type and fill out the survey and we're on our way to a big dose of much needed excitement.  

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