Travel Tips & Tricks

  • 7 days before departure you’ll get a packing list! It’s your one and only clue for your upcoming trip. This list is just some key items you must know about your destination - think should I bring a swimsuit or snow boots?
  • You're on vacation so it's always fun to get gussied up for a nice evening. If we're sending you to somewhere that requires a fancy outfit, we will tell you. Otherwise it's your call!
  • Pack to your weather forecast! Depending on where you're from, you may feel differently about different temperatures. Are you from Minnesota and heading somewhere in the 50s and it feels balmy? Or are you from Florida and 50s means hat and coat? Only you know how many layers you need to stay warm!
  • Speaking of layers, we love a layer. When traveling it's never a bad idea to have extra layers for going in and out of cold museums in the summer or going into somewhere warm during the winter and being able to unwrap.
  • Leave room for souvenirs! It’s hard not to overpack when you don’t know where you’ll end up, but we recommend leaving space to buy some things that will remind you of your awesome adventure.
  • If you're bringing only a carry on, remember you can only have liquid up to 3.4 oz. That means bringing smaller bottles. If you're not sure if it's too big, check the bottle itself, it should have a size listed. Your hotel will have things like shampoo, conditioner, etc so you don't have to bring it unless you want your own. Don’t forget your comfort items - hand sanitizer, lip balm, etc.
  • Don’t want to buy water at the airport but you can’t bring a larger liquid bottle through TSA, bring an empty bottle and refill it once youre through security
  • If you do decide to check a bag, be sure not to put anything essential like medication, jewelry, glasses etc in it
  • Packing isn't just about clothing - don't forget about device chargers and an external battery pack if you have one!
  • Your package includes a carry on and a personal item. A personal item can be a backpack, a purse, a tote, etc which fits under the seat in front of you and a carry on is a larger bag that fits above you - a small roller board bag, a duffel, etc. If you want to check a bag you can, but you will pay additionally for that at the airport!
  • The cost to check a piece of luggage varies by airline as well, but you can expect approximately $35-65 per luggage per flight. 
    • We will check you in for all of your flights so you don't need to worry about that! If you decide to check yourself in or make any changes, just let us know. Otherwise consider it done.
    • While we will tell you the time your plane departs 24 hours beforehand, it's up to you when you arrive at the airport. Most airlines recommend arriving at the airport around 2 hours before your flight, especially if you're checking luggage. (Please note: checked luggage is not included in your package). 
    • If you are traveling on or during the holidays, leave some extra time for extra long security lines.
    • If you want to know what the current security lines look like to help you plan better, we recommend downloading the My TSA app where you can see average wait times for most airports in the US.
    • If you do decide to check a bag, you will go to the counter of your airline and be able to pay for it there. Please note, luggage must usually be under 50 pounds. If you want to double check what can and can't go in your luggage, consult the My TSA app.
    • Carry on dimensions vary slightly by airline however you will usually be fine with an average sized roller bag. If you're unsure if yours is too large, feel free to text us!
    • If you have a credit card, check your perks! You may have access to free additional perks like Clear or TSA Precheck to help skip security lines. We love a freebie!
    • When it’s time for the reveal, we will send you your flight information and a screenshot of a boarding pass if available. However, to keep an eye on things like delays, gate changes, and more, we recommend you download your airlines app and look up your flight using your provided confirmation number so you can get notifications about any significant changes.
    • If for some reason there isn't a boarding pass available, that's okay! All that means is you have to print your pass at the airport which happens. When you arrive, head to a kiosk or a gate agent to print out your pass.
    • You can bring a personal item and a carry on onto the plane with you. Be sure to put your large carry on above your head and keep your smaller bag by your feet.
    • We always try to get seats together but we can't guarantee it. Sometimes they aren't available, sometimes they're out of budget, sometimes the plane is just too full. You are welcome to check the app to see if seat changes are available or ask your neighbors to swap with you if you'd like. If sitting together is very important, consider that in your budget and be sure to tell us in the survey!
    • Rental cars are not included in your initial package. We do take the cost of the car into consideration when planning based on the budget you indicated but don't forget that you will have to pay for that when you land if you need one.
    • If you do go to a destination that requires a rental car, we will have pre-reserved one for you, no need to scramble finding one yourself, we've got you covered!
    • Almost every rental car company will require a major credit card to pick up your car. Most do not accept debit cards, so make sure to not forget yours at home! 
    • The main reason for requiring a credit card is rental agencies will put a hold on your card that you give them as a security deposit. This is usually a few hundred dollars. When you return the car, assuming everything is fine, they will release the hold and you will get that money back. 
    • It is more expensive to rent a car if you are under 25, but if that is the case for you, we have taken that into consideration when planning for your budget and also made sure to make the reservation at companies that allow rentals for younger people.
    • Do you have auto insurance at home? Most times that insurance will apply even if you're driving a rental car. You should also check the credit card you are using to pay for the car, often times rental car coverage comes with it. Then it is up to you if you want to add additional coverage but it isn't usually necessary. 
    • Before driving off the lot, take a close look at the car. Make note of anything like scratches, dings or stains. You want to make sure you get your full deposit back, so be sure to document any pre-existing damage just in case! 
    • Usually, the least expensive way to return your car is with a full tank of gas. Rental companies will refill it themselves but it is often at a premium so if you can, be sure to top up before returning it! 
    • Whenever we reserve you a car, we will only ever put one driver on the reservation. Should you want to add a second driver, that's no problem. However, keep in mind doing that usually does have a cost associated. 
    • During pick up, ask at the rental counter if you'll have to drive through many tolls to get to/from airport. If so, consider adding a prepaid toll card to your rental car. This is optional, but depending on where you end up it may actually be cheaper than paying for each toll along the way
    • We will always reserve the most cost effective car for the size of your group. Should you want to have a larger car, feel free to ask about upgrading at the counter, however please note that it will cost more.
    • We will always strive to reserve you the best possible price for your car. However, sometimes car companies offer additional discounts such as military, student, teacher, AAA, corporate or AARP, so if you qualify for any of these, feel free to ask at the desk to see if they can save you anything extra. It won't always work but it can't hurt to ask! 
    • To find the rental car counter once you land, follow the signs in the airport. Some airports have shuttles that will take you to your rental car counter, so don't worry about hopping on it! Just make sure that shuttle will take you to your particular rental car companies counter.
    • It can take a good chunk of time to pick up or drop off your car, so be sure to plan appropriately. Don’t be surprised if it can take 30-60 minutes but most of the time, it’s expedient and super easy!
    • Parking isn't included in your initial package, so be prepared to pay to park overnight and around town.
    • The easiest place to park is usually right at your hotel. The cost may be higher than elsewhere, but it comes with convenience and unlimited ins and outs which means you won't pay every single time you want to leave the hotel, just one daily charge. If you choose to park this way, you will see that cost on the card you provide for incidentals at check in.
    • If you'd rather save some money, you can definitely Google or ask your concierge to find a nearby lower cost garage/lot to keep your car in. While this doesn't include ins and outs usually, it may cost less for times when you're leaving the car for long stretches!
    • In many cities, you can pay for parking meters through an app on your phone so be sure to look for that cities parking app when you pull in. No exact change necessary! If you park at a meter, don't forget to set an alarm to remind you to add more money so you don't get a ticket!
    • We recommend not leaving anything valuable visible in your parked cars, no matter your destination.
    • Depending on your trip, you may be changing cities part way through and that’s okay! We will book your car to be picked up and returned accordingly, however you may see a one way charge. We have taken that cost into consideration within your budget
    • If you're on a Whym in a destination that doesn't require a rental car, that's great! That means there are lots of other ways to get around.
    • When traveling without a rental car, your best option for long distances is a ride share app. We at Whym recommend using Lyft, but there are other options too like Uber, Via, Curb, etc. To use these, download them from the App or Play store on your device, set up an account & input your preferred payment method. You will be able to just put in the name or address of where you want to go and the car will come to pick you up based on your current location. 
    • If you prefer to have a traditional taxi or don’t want to download an app, connect with the concierge at your hotel to get help with what is the best local company to call and how to get in touch with them.
    • Whether you use Apple Maps or Google Maps, both will provide transit options of many ways to get to your destination (bus, subway, ferry, rideshare, etc). Then you can decide which is the easiest for you!
    • If you want to try something different, we love the Moovit app! It’s super easy to use and you can download specific cities to work offline so you never have to worry about your connection!
    • Depending on the city you’re in will depend on the public transportation available. Some big cities like New York & Chicago have major transit systems, where as smaller cities like Pittsburgh and Denver have smaller ones right downtown that are still super usable just don't sprawl as far. We will tell you about the options available to you in your city during the big reveal.
    • Public transportation like subways and metros are often very safe, very fast, very affordable, and the most efficient way to get from point A to B. Don't hesitate to give it a try, just make sure you're aware of your surroundings. Don't beat yourself up if you struggle finding your way at first, trying something new is part of the adventure!
    • Depending on how long you’re in your destination for, consider multi day/week long passes to save some money!
    • A lot of major cities will have bike and scooter rideshares around town. It can be a fun way to get around but be sure to follow all local traffic guidance. To use, download that companies app and you’ll be able to scan the item you’re using and youre off and running! It usually charges based on time & distance.
    • Your room - along with all taxes and resort fees - are included in your initial package and is prepaid. However, you will have to provide a credit or debit card to check in. The hotel will put a hold on the card for incidentals which can vary - the hotel employee will inform you how much will be held. Assuming everything is fine upon check out, the hold will be released back to you within a few business days.
    • Since your hotel is prepaid, if you are asked for any payment or see any charge other than the incidentals (mini bar, drinks, room service, etc) on your card, please reach out to us immediately and we will contact the hotel to take care of it.
    • Many hotel rooms will have a mini bar and/or a small coffee maker right in your room. However, if you need additional things not commonly in hotel rooms (microwaves, refrigerators, cribs, etc) be sure to call down to the front desk and they will help however they can
    • When booking your room, we can’t guarantee a bed type. If you are a couple, you may have one king or two queens for example. For groups of 3 in a hotel room, we always will have 2 beds. If you have specific bed needs, please just let us know in your survey in advance!
    • Most hotels check-in times are at 3pm and checkout is at 11am, give or take. This means your room won’t be ready for you to get into before 3pm and they ask you to be out of your room no later than 11am. If you arrive early or have a later flight, feel free to leave your luggage with the front desk while you go and explore! They will hold it for you at no additional cost until your room is ready or you’re ready to leave for the airport.
    • Your hotel concierge is your best resource. They’re certainly ours at Whym! We’ve made friends with dozens all over the country. If you need help, have questions, or just want a locals opinion, they’re your best bud.
    • Tipping isn’t required but is customary for hotel help. Common times to tip are when the concierge helps you, the bellman brings up or down your bags, the valet pulls your car around, etc. Customary tips usually range from $2-20 depending!
    • If you decide to go to the hotel bar or restaurant, you can have them charge it to your room and they will just put it on the card you provided for incidentals upon checkout.
    • In your survey, we ask you how much you want to spend on your trip. This is per person and is meant to encompass things like transportation, food & activities. We do not consider things like shopping within this budget.
    • We use the range you give us as guidance, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. We will make recommendations that will fit into that range, but keep in mind that your can spend more or less depending on what you choose to do throughout the day.
    • Your hotel & flights are all prepaid and not part of this budget but rather what you spent at the time of booking.
    • We at Whym love food! Everything from multiple Michelin stars to the best street tacos, we’re in. We recommend restaurants based on your location, what the area does well, and what you mentioned in your survey in addition to our personal faves. All that said though, sometimes a craving just can’t be ignored! If there are places we recommend that don’t speak to you, feel free to go somewhere else that catches your eye while exploring!
    • Too full and want to skip a meal today but still want to go to the restaurant another day? That’s okay, feel free to swap your restaurants around to fit what you’re after!
    • If your meal has a reservation, you will see a clock on your itinerary. If you choose not to go, that’s not a problem, just let us know and we will cancel that for you so someone else can enjoy it! Most restaurants do require 24 hours of notice, so if possible, please let us know the day before!
    • If the restaurant we’re sending you to has a dress code, we will let you know in advance in the blurb so you know what to be sure to wear.
    • We do not make reservations for every meal because we want you to have plenty of flexibility to explore. 
    • Feel free to ask your concierge for any recs if a specific cuisine is calling your name and isn’t on the itineirary 
    • If you listed any dietary restrictions on the survey, we took that into consideration when planning your itinerary 
    • Theres no better way to learn a place than eat what theyre famous for. You can’t not have bbq in texas or bagels in New York. So we’re going to be sure to put those on your itinerary and reflect the kind of foods they are known for in that town. We recommend venturing outside of your comfort zone and trying something new!

    The cost to check a piece of luggage varies by airline as well, but you can
    expect approximately $35-65 per luggage per flight.


    If you do decide to check a bag, be sure not to put anything essential like
    medication, jewelry, glasses etc in it.

    Your package includes a carry on and a personal item. A personal item can
    be a backpack, a purse, a tote, etc which fits under the seat in front of you
    and a carry on is a larger bag that fits above you - a small roller board bag,
    a duffel, etc. If you want to check a bag you can, but you will pay
    additionally for that at the airport!

    The cost to check a piece of luggage varies by airline as well, but you can
    expect approximately $35-65 per luggage per flight.