Welcome to Cape Cod, MA!

Cape Cod is an incredible oasis of picturesque perfection. Whether it be brightly colored shingle houses, pristine beaches, or adorable little towns, it’s the perfect destination to relax and unwind. Famous for the glitz and glamor it attracts, you’ll find an amazing cross section of sun, sand, and shellfish awaiting your arrival. Whether you’re looking for water sports or shopping or if you’re after a lobster boil or haute cuisine, it all finds itself nestled comfortably on this little island for you to try.

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about Cape Cod, MA


Situated south of Boston with 40 miles of national seashore wrapping around the peninsula, Cape Cod is a national treasure that must be experienced. Epitomizing the picturesque New England beach town, you’ll find hiking, relaxation, sightseeing, history, amazing food, & more!

Finding Your Way

Cape Cod is made up of distinct 3 parts - Upper, Lower, & Mid Cape. If driving in, the Upper Cape is what you encounter first, comprised of Falmouth to the south & Sandwich to the north. In the center you’ll find Mid Cape, which is the most populated area & comprised of Hyannis, Yarmouth, Dennis, etc. The Lower Cape is the furthest out point, from Chatham & Brewster all the way up to Provincetown. Getting around is usually best done by foot or bike within the individual villages, but a car is best to get from one to the next.

Airport Deets

While Cape Cod & P-town have small airports, Boston Logan is the primary airport servicing New England & one of the nation’s busiest airports. Blue & white shuttles run between the terminal & rental car center every 5-6 minutes. Getting to the Cape takes about 1.5 hours from BOS. There are tolls along the way, but usually flying into & out of Boston is the best bet.


Cape Cod has been home to the Wampanoag Native Americans for centuries. They survived off the sea & were accomplished farmers. They helped the pilgrims, who arrived in the fall of 1620, survive at their new Plymouth Colony. Cape Cod was one of the first places settled by English settlers in North America & would play an important part in American history. It would grow to become a playground of the wealthy like JFK, a safe haven for the LGBTQ community, & a beloved vacation destination spot.

Why Am I Here?

The Cape has a culture unto itself. It is where New Englanders go to relax. You’ll find fishing, golf, baseball, beaches, & more. You can have a jam packed trip or never leave the beach. Even when busy, you’re on island time, so be ready to meander & enjoy. Remember to be respectful of their land & their dunes & they will welcome you with open arms.


The weather in Cape Cod stays true to its northeastern ways. During the winter, the average temps range from 21°-44°. During the spring the averages are 20°-63° & every 5-6 years a tropical storm will hit the area so beware! The summer is the ideal time to go, with temps ranging from low 60’s to high 70’s. During the fall, the temperature drops quickly, with a range of 37°-72°. As for the ocean, it rarely gets above 65°, so be ready for a chilly dip!

Local Delicacies

You’re in a beach town so be prepared for lots of amazing seafood. Of course the clam chowder is great, but don’t forget the broiled lobster & fried fish - especially fried clams. And you can’t leave the Cape without some Bog Beans - native cranberries dunked in different types of chocolate. So good!


If you like to bring back sweets, we recommend classic Cape Cod Fudge or Bog Beans! One signature of the Cape is handmade glass, from either Pairpoint Glass - America’s oldest operating glassworks company, or McDermott Glass who has had work commissioned by six presidents, Henry Kissinger, & Pope John Paul II.


Leave your heels & ties at home, in the Cape people wear shorts, flip flops, light dresses, & clamdiggers (they were invented here after all). For the beach, take a floppy hat or baseball cap & sunglasses & you’ll fit right in. It cools off quite a bit at night, so plan for layers at night. And don’t forget the bug spray, the mosquitos can be vicious.

Must Know

The terms for traveling “up Cape” or “down Cape” have long confused visitors who mistakenly associate “up” with north. Instead, “up” means towards mainland & “down” towards Provincetown.

Cape Cod. It really is heaven on earth

- Kate Scott