Welcome to Richmond, VA!

From urban bustle to small town charm, from river life to nightlife, a visit to Richmond (or RVA to the locals) is as diverse as the people you’ll meet along the way! Whether you are passionate about history, the arts, gardens, antiques, fine dining, craft beer, outdoor recreation, theme parks, Edgar Allan Poe, or NASCAR, there's something for every taste in the Historic Richmond Region!

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RVA, the capitol of Virginia, is located 95 miles south of Washington DC and steeped in the rich history of our country. The town is divided into districts - all diverse and unique - with the James River running through it. With mural-covered walls, numerous museums, creative cuisine, a trail of craft breweries & ciders, outdoor adventures, and NASCAR at the ready, is there enough time to explore it all?!

Finding Your Way

Although this mid-size city is car-centric, it’s not the only way to navigate. Downtown is walkable, bike-able with RVA Bikeshare, and accessible via bus with the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) from 5 am - 1 am. If you’re driving, you can get anywhere within 30 minutes and parking is free or cheap.

Airport Deets

Richmond International Airport (RIC) is called the best little big airport you’ll ever visit. Newly renovated and offering eight major airlines with nonstop flights both domestic and international, RIC has become a hub for visitors headed to Washington DC, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach and more. It’s just a few minutes away from downtown. Rental cars are located in the lower level of the terminal and Lyft and Uber are easily accessible on both levels.


Originally home to the Powhatan people, English colonists settled here briefly in 1609. It became a key city in the events of the Revolutionary War when Patrick Henry gave his speech deciding Virginia’s participation in the First Continental Congress in 1775. Richmond was burned to the ground in 1780, causing Thomas Jefferson to flee when Benedict Arnold commanded British troops to take the city. Jefferson returned just two years later to the once again thriving area. It became an important industrial center with George Washington helping to design the canal for ocean-faring ships. The boatmen are even represented in the city flag. Later, Richmond became the capitol of the Confederacy and a major route of the Underground Railroad.

Why Am I Here?

There is so much for first time visitors to do in Richmond. Besides all the historical sites, leading art museums, science and technology museums, and public parks and gardens are waiting for you. Go white water rafting down the mighty James River then reward yourself with a cold one at one of the 30+ breweries around town.


Richmond has a humid, subtropical climate with very hot, humid summers and moderately cold winters. July mean temps are 80º with more than 43 days a year getting over 90º. From late December to early February, temps average 38º dipping to 0 a few days. Autumn is the driest, most pleasant time to visit if you’re a fair weather fan.

Local Delicacies

National Geographic put Richmond in its “Top 10 Places in the World to travel for food!” The food is as diverse as the growing population, but regional favorites range from briny, buttery seafood you can only get in the VA waters to the state-grown wines. In particular, the city of Richmond has become the destination to sample stand out craft beers. The food scene has attracted James Beard-nominated and winning chefs, but the atmosphere remains relaxed and inviting. Pimento cheese, oyster and crab and Northern Neck ginger ale are popular.


Boating and water enthusiasts will find gear of all kinds and plenty of nautical kitch. Historical memorabilia and antiques are plentiful. Carytown has an eclectic array of shops and boutiques to exercise your inner shopper.


Cool, casual, and comfortable is key most months of the year. In the winter and spring, layers are important as the Southern skies will warm during the day, but evenings and mornings will be cold.

Must Know

Richmond showcases the best America has to offer — home to Fortune 500 companies, brimming in history, and an up-and-coming cultural hub home to over 900+ restaurants, a great craft beer scene, and top-rated museums, this town should be on everyone’s bucket list.

“Give me liberty or give me death!"

- Patrick Henry, at Richmond's St. John's Church in 1775, leading to the Revolutionary War.