Welcome to Dallas, TX!

One of the largest cities in the country, Dallas has grown into a city full of culture and art and food galore. Get ready to spend the next few days wandering through fun neighborhoods, eating amazing bbq, and taking in art and nature and everything in between!

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Dallas is the third largest city in Texas & one of the richest in the whole country. Here you will find some of the best barbecue, steakhouses, Tex-Mex & authentic Mexican cuisine in the country. History abounds & the culture is southern charm meets big city, with everything from ballet to rap to the rodeo. Where else can you experience haute cuisine & bull riding all in one place? Welcome to Dallas/Ft. Worth!

Finding Your Way

78% of residents commute with a car around Dallas, however the Dallas Area Rapid Transit, colloquially known as DART, is an efficient train line to get you to where you need to go. The individual neighborhoods are walkable but to get from one to the next, use a car, a Lyft, or the train. If you want to explore the Ft. Worth side of these sister cities, a car is definitely needed.

Airport Deets

Dallas-Fort Worth International (DFW) & Dallas Love Field (DAL) are the two main airports. DFW is about 25-30 minutes from the city & a Lyft costs about $30-$35. You can also take the Orange Line on DART which takes about an hour. Dallas Love Field will take about 20-25 minutes & cost $15-20 or take the Green Line Train.


Dallas was inhabited by the Caddo tribe until the Spanish Colonists claimed it in the 18th century. It was under Spanish rule until 1821 & owned by Mexico until 1836 when Texans formed the Republic of Texas. You still see a large Mexican & Spanish influence in the city. Ft. Worth was known as “Cowtown,” the cowboy outpost of the big city. Dallas gained wealth & power as Texas became more of an economic presence in America. President JFK was assassinated in 1963 on Elm Street while riding in downtown Dallas, changing the course of American history. This site can still be visited today.

Why Am I Here?

Dallas is home to world-class sports and shopping. It is architecturally beautiful, historically significant, & very hip. It has a special synergy that makes it a very cool city to visit. Hop over to Ft. Worth for that cowboy feel you’ve always imagined - just a little more elevated and with better food. A trip to Dallas/Ft. Worth is one you won’t forget.


Dallas almost never really goes below 40° during a winter night & can be as high as 100° on a hot summer day. DFW is prone to storms due to its high humidity - usually quick spurts of rain in the summer but can sometimes produce freezing rain in the winter. This area usually stays warm & sunny & beautiful.

Local Delicacies

Queso. Eat lots of queso and Tex-Mex while here because life is better when you do. Of course, southern classics like fried chicken, biscuits & grits are everywhere, but local favorites like chicken fried steak & Frito pie are musts. Home of the original frozen Margarita, Mariano’s Hacienda serves up a refreshing drink along side some yummy tacos. And don’t forget some pie from Emporium. Order it all and your waiter will probably ask if you'd like sweet tea with that. The answer should definitely be yes.


Bullzerk is a local shop that sells shirts highlighting local neighborhoods. You’re in Dallas Cowboy territory here so sports memorabilia is always a winner. Texans are proud, so state emblazened items will be everywhere. For a fancy take home, don’t miss the chance to buy an authentic pair of cowboy boots or something from the rodeo!


You’ll see a lot of hip ripped up jeans, southern belle skirts, and denim button-downs around town. Dallas has a unique style that sticks close to its roots - so don’t forget the cowboy boots!

Must Know

Dallas is humid & it’s easy to get tired from the sun, so make sure sunscreen, sunglasses & a water bottle are on hand. Traffic gets busy during rush hour, so plan accordingly!

I love the character of the people. They possess a natural and ingrained spirit of service and hospitality

- Radha Arora