Welcome to Kansas City, MO!

Welcome to Kansas City, colloquially known as the Paris of the Planes. A beautiful and surprising city for anyone willing to investigate, with treats and surprises and history around every turn. A trailblazer and rebel of a city in a lot of ways from back in the day, from bucking prohibition in the 20’s to giving us such icons as Jackie Robinson and Amelia Earhart, KC has done a lot and has a lot to do. Today you’ll find unparalleled barbecue (don’t miss the burnt ends), incredible Jazz clubs, and Seville inspired neighborhoods along with world class food and sports to explore.

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about Kansas City, MO


Kansas City is beautiful. We know, we know! It’s like the best friend in a cheesy movie. Beautiful, funny, and right there but for some reason she isn’t getting noticed because there’s something flashier nearby (St. Louis). KC blends history, art, incredible food, and unique neighborhoods to give us the city next door of our dreams.

Finding Your Way

Kansas City is mainly a car town. It’s the most commonly and easily utilized form of transport. There is a large biking culture here, where you can use their bike share system to get around different neighborhoods as well. While there is some public transportation, the hours and routes are limited and maybe not the best way to explore, but Lyft is everywhere and a great option!

Airport Deets

Kansas City International Airport, originally called the Mid-Continent Airport, (MCI) is a small airport that is known for experiencing very few delays. You might find some locals refer to it as KCI. The best way to get from the airport to the heart of the city is by car. The shuttles available take longer than we prefer, so we recommend picking up a rental car or grabbing a Lyft for $35-45 to your destination!


A starting point for the French, and a launching point for Louis & Clark, Kansas City has been at the crossroads of the country since the beginning. It was literally marked for the edge of westward expansion. It would flourish by bringing Negro Baseball, prohibition deniers, KC Jazz and so much more to the midwest. In fact, Country Club Plaza is built to mirror Seville, Spain, its sister city. Today thanks to a mass revitalization effort, downtown KC is booming and yet it honors its former self with amazing art, food, and culture.

Why Am I Here?

If you’re in the market for midwestern friendly with a hip vibe, Kansas City is the town for you. They have a booming craft beer scene, great bbq, trendy shopping, and James Beard restaurants galore. The Nelson-Atkins is one of the best art museums in the country and the jazz scene is second only to New Orleans. History buffs can't miss the WWI museum.


Kansas CIty’s weather is extreme in every direction. The winter ranges from 25-50° and very cold, dry, and windy. The spring is 30-80°, rising quickly from March to May. The summer is hot, muggy, and wet, ranging 65-95°. The fall is colorful and ranges from 45-85° with lots of clouds.

Local Delicacies

Kansas City is a meat lovers mecca. If you don’t have barbecue multiple times, you haven’t truly experienced KC. A signature of Kansas City bbq is burnt ends - the fatty end of the brisket that burns on the grill and turns into smoky deliciousness. Catfish is popular too. For your sides, try the collard greens, okra, black-eyed peas and green beans.


There are lots of fun shops and streets to wander, especially in Country Club Plaza. Of course, bbq sauce from your favorite place. The Cherry Mash is the third oldest candy bar in the world and a local favorite to bring home with cherries, chocolate, and peanuts. Charlie Hustle is a cool local t-shirt brand with a cool vintage vibe. Riegers is a local whiskey that has been being distilled in KC since before the prohibition.


KC has notoriously unpredictable weather, so be sure to bring lots of layering options. It's about comfort, casual, and ease. Bring walking shoes, denim, and cute flowy tops or cozy sweaters depending on the season!

Must Know

Kansas City is a proud town and rightfully so. Don’t mess with their sports teams but be sure to chat with the locals and you’ll have friends forever!

Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore

- The Wizard of Oz