Welcome to Las Vegas, NV!

In the infamous words of Elvis - Viva Las Vegas! Vegas has been a landmark for entertainers and adventure seekers alike throughout the years. Once a land of mobsters and under the table gambling, it grew into a scene defined by the Rat Pack and eventually Elvis and his jumpsuits. Las Vegas continues to grow and shift with the times, a neon oasis in the hot desert. There’s so much more to this town than bachelor parties gone awry - there’s shows, food, adventures, shopping, and more. Get ready for some excitement!

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about Las Vegas, NV


Viva Las Vegas! This city is everything the movies show & more. You can live out your Elvis dreams, your Rat Pack goals…maybe not your full Ocean's Eleven fantasy but the Hangover isn’t totally out of the question. Vegas is more than just a place to gamble, it’s the adult playground of your dreams. Whether you’re into shopping, shows, food, gambling, adventure or history it’s all here for you. From the grandeur of the Grand Canyon to the glitter of the Strip, Vegas will be a trip you’ll never forget.

Finding Your Way

Once you’re on the Strip, you’ll be able to walk just about everywhere. Las Vegas Blvd is the main drag where you’ll find most of the entertainment while you’re here. If you’re heading to the far ends, a Lyft is your best bet. There is also a monorail that runs to a handful of hotels on one end of the strip until midnight during the week & 3 am on the weekends.

Airport Deets

The McCarran International Airport (LAS) is definitely one of the coolest airports in America. The runway is mere moments from the Strip & you’ll be able to see the famous hotels as you taxi to your gate! Once you land, we’d recommend taking a cab or Lyft to your hotel, which will cost between $10-20 and is the most efficient route.


Originally known as a wetland oasis for having water in the desert, Vegas has changed a lot over the years. The Hoover Dam turned Vegas into a place that people could find work & play in the ’30s. In the ’50s, it became a playground for the wealthy & home to movie stars & mob bosses. Interestingly, what we now know as "The Strip" is new Vegas – the original casino area is now called Downtown. Vegas continued to grow & while the city was cleaned up, the money didn’t stop, leading to a city that is now home to incredible chefs, musicians, artists, & moguls.

Why Am I Here?

You visit Vegas to indulge. If you’re a shopper, the streets are lined with boutiques. If you like music, there are dozens of different shows from huge sold out crowds to thumping clubs. If you’re a foodie, it has been said you aren’t a celebrity chef until you have a restaurant in Vegas. For adventure, you can helicopter to the Grand Canyon or roller coaster off the top of a hotel. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


Las Vegas is the desert so be prepared. In the winter, temperatures are 35-65°. You’ll see the most rain this time of year but just a quick burst. The Spring changes fast, going from a low of 45° to a high of 95°. Summer is hot, ranging from 70-100° with low humidity low. In the Fall you’ll see temperatures 50-95°.

Local Delicacies

Las Vegas doesn’t have a unique delicacy because they bring everything together in one place. You have to do a buffet while here, ideally brunch. Try lots of different types of cuisines & at least one celebrity chef’s spot!


If you come home without lots of souvenirs, you didn't do it right. There are toys like small roulette games or dice, but everything in Vegas is a souvenir! In fact, the world’s largest souvenir shop is here & very fun for those who enjoy cheesy. If you want something more memorable, get local turquoise jewelry, chocolates from Jean Philippe, something from a fabulous boutique, or a set of custom poker chips from Spinettis!


Glitz and glam is the name of the game in Vegas. You’re here to show off, so pack accordingly. It is the desert but you’ll be spending your days going in and out of hotels, so bring a sweater. During the day, bring your walking shoes, each hotel is a hike. At night, be ready to put on your fanciest duds and paint the town!

Must Know

Known for debauchery & bachelor parties, Vegas has changed in recent years. Don’t be scared away, there is something fun for everyone of every taste here and is more than the image once painted. Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas looks the way you’d imagine heaven must look at night

– Chuck Palahniuk