Welcome to Napa, CA!

As if a picture came to life, so lives the wine country of California. Located about an hour away from San Francisco lives a collective of little towns with a big personality. These six towns house more than 500 wineries. A perfect blend of culture, food, shopping, and wine, Napa is a wonderful place to relax, unwind, drink a little too much, eat fabulously, & indulge your every whim!

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With hundreds of wineries, delicious food, and countless outdoor activities Napa will steal your heart. Napa is a wonderful place to explore the arts and culture, as well as relax. Enjoy creating picturesque memories here.

Finding Your Way

Napa has a public transportation bus called the Vine. There are 8 local routes that run weekdays & Saturdays. You can also navigate by driving, biking, or a taxi/Lyft. A popular app called Dryver is a great option too.

Airport Deets

San Francisco International Airport is located 57 miles away, Oakland International Airport is locate 50 miles away, & Sacramento is 66 miles. No matter where you fly in to, you’re looking at a bit of a hike to your final destination. You can travel by taxi, Lyft, chauffeur, or a shuttle service. Car rentals are also very common to get to and from the airport.


Wild grapes have always grown here, but it wasn’t until 1839 when George Calvert Yount began to plant the first Napa Valley Grapes. After that, other settlers began to introduce various types of grapes into the area. The first commercial winery was established in 1861 which led to rapid growth, and by 1889 there were over 140 wineries operating. Today there are about 400 wineries in Napa Valley.

Why Am I Here?

Napa is known as the world’s most densely populated wine region with its ideal Mediterranean climate. Besides great weather, the hospitality is legendary. From lodging to restaurants to everything in between, it’s the service that keeps people coming back. Napa is a great place to unwind and indulge in the best food and wine in the country.


The average summer high is 83° with a low of 53°, fall has a high of 77° with a low of 49°, winter has a high of 58° with a low of 39° and rain, and spring has a high of 71° with a low of 45°. The weather can change vastly within a single day, so plan for layers.

Local Delicacies

Wine is a given, but be sure to try some other Napa and California delicacies. The Culinary Institute of America has a location here and has spawned some of the most famous chefs on the planet, so don’t miss trying their flagship restaurants, especially in Yountville. Garlic fries were invented by beer brewers in San Jose and are a favorite at Giants games, or any day. If you have a sweet tooth, check out Jelly Bellies which are made in the Sacramento area. Last but not least, can you say you’ve even been to the west coast if you didn’t have something with Avocado on it?


Be sure to grab a bottle of wine from your favorite winery to take home with you. You’ll feel like you’re still on vacation while drinking it at home. Olive oil is a popular find whether you stick to the classic or try some infused with local herbs like Rosemary. There are several shops selling locally made products such as soaps and gifts made from recycled wine barrels that are also popular.


In the warm weather women wear boho sundresses and maxi dresses. Shoes are either flats or sandals. In the colder weather be sure to wear layers. Scarves make a popular accessory. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Must Know

Some wineries are cash-only, so we’d recommend having some on hand to make your experience smooth. Also, be sure to have your ID on you. Whenever possible, make reservations at the wineries you want to see the most at least a day or two in advance. And in a town where drinking is the main attraction, be safe and call a car if you find yourself getting buzzed. It’s always better safe than sorry!

Good company, good wine, good welcome, can make good people

- William Shakespeare