Welcome to Nashville, TN!

For music fans and wannabe songwriters, a trip to Nashville is the ultimate pilgrimage. The history of country music is there to see in museums and the future fills the honky-tonks lining broadway, alive and pulsing seven days a week. This little town has a big heart, a southern spirit, and an outlaw attitude. Spend a few days in Nashville and you will eat, drink, and explore one of the coolest cities in the country and will be planning your return long before you get on the plane to head home. So buckle up, step into your cowboy boots, and get ready to two step your way to Music City!

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about Nashville, TN


Nashville is a town with spirit, a personality. A town that has a distinct energy that pulses through the streets no matter the time of day. Whether it comes from its musical history, its thriving honky tonk scene, its foodie nirvana status, the lively tech & college communities dotting neighborhoods each different than the last, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is this little southern town has a lot to say, and you’re gonna hear it in every strum of that steel guitar, so strap in. Yeehaw!

Finding Your Way

Nashville is a city of neighborhoods. Once you’re in one, each is eminently walkable. It does take a little work to go from one to the other so keep that in mind. Some neighborhoods are close enough together you can walk from one to the other but for those that aren’t, Lyfts are easily accessible. A car in this town is more of a hinderance than not, so put on your walking shoes & explore!

Airport Deets

Nashville Airport (BNA) is a small but busy airport located only about 20 minutes outside of town. The easiest way to get to most hotels is via cab or Lyft. Lyft’s cost about $20-30 depending on the time of day.


The capital of Tennessee, Nashville was named for Francis Nash, a general of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. Founded in 1779, it grew quickly due to its strategic location and hold on the manufacturing industry. After WW2, the city would take a turn towards music with the explosive success of the Grand Ole Opry, a radio show still performed live to this day. Today Nashville is the city that has given us some of the greatest rock and country stars of the last century and still continues to be where great musicians go to get discovered.

Why Am I Here?

You come to Nashville for the music, you stay for the history, the distilleries, the food, and the shopping. You will never run out of things to do in this little town with a big heart. Explore the art pouring out of bars, lining the streets with unique murals, filling the stores with local craftsmanship, and on every plate you’re served. Add a little southern charm and a biscuit or two, and how could you not want to visit Nashville?


Nashville is a temperate southern city, making it perfect to visit year round. The summer is warm and muggy, with temps ranging from high 60’s to high 80’s. The winter highs average out around 50° or so, making it fun to explore no matter the time of year.

Local Delicacies

Nashville takes its food scene very seriously. You can’t leave without some proper southern bbq and cuisine. There is also the biscuit - many restaurants argue theirs are the best & if we have to try a few…well then, okay. And most notably is the dish most hotly debated - Hot Chicken (get it?). The lines have been drawn, the tears have welled up, & your taste buds are in heaven. Try both Prince’s & Hattie B’s & pick your side of the fight!


Don’t miss Reese Witherspoon’s southern belle Draper James or denim at Imogene & Willie in 12 South. If you’re looking for a cowboy experience, boots & a cowboy hat bought in Music City is as legit as it gets. Proper Tennessee whiskey is sure to be loved by all, & our personal favorite is the candy Goo Goos. The name is funny but they’re delicious, delightful & worth every calorie.


Nashville is unique, think upscale cowboy. Lots of boots and hats, and everyone is in denim. It’s a laid back vibe with style!

Must Know

Nashville is a busy town, don’t let its small size fool you. The traffic can be hectic getting around. Also, strangely enough, there’s an actual recreation of the Parthenon right here in Nashville. Weird? Yes. But that’s what makes it great.

The lights, the energy, the music, how could you not love this town?

- Hayden Panetierre