Welcome to New York, NY!

New York, New York, one hell of a town. New York is a city that almost defies description. Where else can you eat a hot dog from a cart for lunch before having a five star dining experience for dinner that will change your life. New York is home to Broadway and The Yankees, home to every cuisine imaginable and every extravagance you never thought to imagine. The best shopping, art, and architecture in the country can be found nestled on the little island of Manhattan just waiting for you to explore. Over the next few days you’ll take in the sites, sounds, and sensations that only a perfect New York day can provide. Get in that Empire State of mind!

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about New York, NY


The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. So Nice, They Named It Twice. New York is the epicenter of art, culture, food, fashion, and finance in America. Here you will find something for everyone at every hour of the day. Be prepared to explore distinct neighborhoods, all types of food, incredible sights, and more. After all, it is one hell of a town!

Finding Your Way

Manhattan is a bustling 13.4 mile island comprised mostly of a neat and orderly grid, going numerically from high to low, north to south. Once you cross below 12th street, it loses the grid but don’t fear. Everywhere is extremely walkable and fairly compact - 20 blocks to a mile. If it’s a little further out, Lyft is certainly easy and cabs are even easier. How do you hail a cab you ask? Great question — it’s as easy as it looks in the movies! Do as the natives and simply step out onto the side of the road and put your arm out with your hand out flat when you see a cab coming your direction. If the cab is free (look for a center light on top of the cab roof that is on) once you get in you can give the address, cross streets, or destination (if its really well known!) and you’ll be on your way. All cabs accept both cards and cash — it is the law! The subway in NYC is usually the most time effective way to get around, and costs $2.75 a ride or you can get a weekly unlimited metro card for $33. It’s safe and efficient and the fastest way to feel like a real New Yorker!

Airport Deets

New York has 3 airports - LaGuardia, JFK, & Newark. Public transportation is certainly the cheapest and often most efficient way to Manhattan. However, if you have luggage or don’t want to deal with changing trains, the taxi lines are easy. A yellow taxi from EWR costs $70-90, JFK $70-75, and LGA $25-50. If you choose to take a taxi be sure to head to the Taxi area at your terminal. There are also marked pickup spots for ride share services as well at each terminal. We recommend against utilizing the services of any unmarked cars offering you a ride as these cabs aren’t regulated and the price can be much more!


Settled by the Dutch in 1609 as New Amsterdam, NYC immediately became an integral part of America. The one time capital would establish the national banking system, trade routes, and more. In the centuries since, NYC has grown to give us Hip-Hop, the desegregation of baseball, and Ellis Island as the entry point for future Americans. New York’s history is scattered through every corner of the city if you know where to find it.

Why Am I Here?

New York is the cultural capital of America and somewhere everyone should see. NYC has lived many lives, changing from a seedy city to something so much more. In fact, it is one of the safest major metropolises in America. If you love food or fashion or museums or sports or music or nightlife, there is no where better to explore these things at their very best than New York. Whether it be a meal from a street cart or a Michelin restaurant with a 3 year wait list, New York does it better.


New York experiences all four seasons distinctly. In the winter the averages are 27-45° with snowfall. Spring is beautiful with 45-72° averages. Summer is a humid season due to the concrete constantly reflecting the sun and an average of 65-85°. And Autumn in New York is perfect, the leaves change and the temperature ranges from 45-75°.

Local Delicacies

No one does a bagel better than New York - and we recommend an everything bagel with lox and scallion cream cheese. New Yorkers also do perfect pizza, whether a dollar slice or a square cut Sicilian piece, it’s delicious. Lastly, life has not been lived until you’ve had a proper New York Reuben sandwich.


New York souvenirs abound. Besides the iconic “I ❤️ New York” shirt, shopping will be easy. Whether art from a street vendor, a cookbook from an amazing restaurant, or a piece of jewelry or clothing from a signature designer, you’re in shopping heaven so you should have no problem bringing home gifts. Or skipping the gifts and buying more for you.


New York is America’s fashion capital and you see it everywhere you go. Whether it’s fancy suits in Midtown, designers on the Upper East Side, elevated street wear in SoHo — every fashion exists in New York. No matter what you wear, you’ll find your people and your tribe in New York.

Must Know

New Yorkers aren’t rude, they’re just in a hurry. Most will happily help with directions should you ask. Also, New York is safe. Don’t be nervous, don’t be hesitant. Be smart and aware of your surroundings like in any big city, but genuinely, New York is a safe and fun city to explore.

There is something in New York air that makes sleep useless.

- Simone de Beauvoir