Welcome to Philadelphia, PA!

All things considered, I’d rather be in Philadelphia. So says WC Fields and we happen to agree. Philadelphia, PA is the city that helped form America and continues to do so generation after generation. Philly is history in action, tucked around every corner and down every street. Whether is wandering Independence Hall or climbing the Rocky stairs, or exploring Love Park in the City of Brotherly Love, there’s always something new to discover. Philly is often overlooked when discussing the major American metropolises, but we’re here to show you that it deserves its rightful spot. With great theater, amazing breweries, a down-home food scene, fantastic museums, and so much more, Philadelphia is a great place to explore and spend a few days. We can’t wait to get started!

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about Philadelphia, PA


Philadelphia, lovingly known as The City of Brotherly Love, is a bright & vibrant town that pulses with life, history & a hunger for both food & knowledge. No matter what you crave - history, shopping, sports, food, or the arts, you'll find all that & more nestled into this Northeastern city. Get ready to spend days eating, learning, drinking, exploring, & cheering in this exciting city.

Finding Your Way

Traffic & parking in the city can be frustrating, so cabs & ride-sharing options abound. Old City, where most of the sightseeing attractions are, is very walkable. City Ambassadors, dressed in teal uniforms, will be scattered about & can provide a map should you need one. SEPTA is the public transportation authority, operating buses, subways, & trolleys but the system can be confusing. The purple PHLASH buses offer looped service in downtown with popular stops like the zoo & museum. All-day passes are $5 or get a two-day for $7.

Airport Deets

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is located about 30 minutes outside of downtown & can be reached by trolley, subway, bus, or cab. A cab ride to City Center costs a flat rate of $28.50 or you can call a Lyft for about $20-25, which tend to be the fastest way to go.


Philadelphia is American history come to life. Founded in 1682 by William Penn, it became the Continental Capital during the American Revolution & would be the place to host the signing of the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution. Eventually it would change to become more of a cultural capital, brining us artists, musicians, authors, actors & more whose influence can be seen around the globe.

Why Am I Here?

No matter your interests, Philadelphia is a veritable one stop shop of entertainment. A huge sports town, a booming music scene, & an enviable food culture all converge on this old city, nestled right next to massive pieces of architectural history. It’s a melting pot in every way - from food to people & everything in between. The theater is no joke & if you’re a beer lover, it’s home to one of the best brewery scenes in the country.


Philly is a proper Northeastern city with the weather that comes with that, mainly all four proper seasons. During the winter, you’ll see average highs in the low 40’s & lots of snow. The spring will climb fast, going from mid 50’s-mid 70’s in just about two months, but it will rain about a third of the time. Summer is humid & sticky, averaging high 80’s, so bring water! & the fall is pretty perfect, with changing leaves & hovering in the 60’s.

Local Delicacies

To be a local, you must have a Philly cheesesteak "wiz wit" meaning with cheez whiz & onions. It’s a heated debate as to who serves the best, so you might as well try a few & decide yourself! Soft pretzels are a creation of the PA Dutch & beloved here. And of course for dessert, don’t miss water ice, a nostalgic throwback to sno-cones of yesteryear.


Philly is a little bit weird & a lot great, as is their shopping. Anything from one of their sports teams is a crowd pleaser but if you’re after something sweet, hit up Muellers Chocolate Co for everything from a chocolate cheesecake to an anatomical heart. A brew or a pint glass from a great brewery like Yards, anything creepy from the Mutter Museum, or something showing off the famous LOVE is a winner. For some insider baseball, anything showing of “Jawn” is a must.


Philly is a very laid back town, so be comfy. Jeans & a t-shirt are the perfect Philadelphia uniform, but you’ll see everything from that to 3-piece suits. In the cooler months, plan to bundle up, the winters are no joke!

Must Know

Philly sports fans are no joke - if you’re going to a game, get into the spirit! And it may seem cheesy, but run up the Rocky stairs, it’s a hoot.

I'd like to see Paris before I die...Philadelphia will do

- W.C. Fields