Welcome to Pittsburgh, PA!

Pittsburgh is a vibrant city — part Midwestern and part Northeastern in sensibilities — set at the junction of 3 rivers. Pittsburgh may be known for its history as an early-20th-century industrial capital and for their winning sports teams, but Pittsburgh is a very singular and mesmerizing city. Get ready for a weekend of great food, gorgeous riverside and hilltop views, and the unique cultural architecture of a city in love with its working class past and its up and coming high-tech future!

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about Pittsburgh, PA


This is Pittsburgh, the Steel City, the City of Bridges - 445 of them - and the City of Champions - home of the six-time (most in the NFL) Super Bowl winning Steelers, five-time World Series winning Pirates and five-time Stanley Cup winning Penguins. This town is passionate about the black and gold and you will be too by the time you leave.

Finding Your Way

Pittsburgh is great for walking or biking. Many restaurants, sites, and all three sports venues can be walked to from downtown. Outlying neighborhoods can easily be reached by ride-sharing services. If you rent a car, most hotels provide parking for a fee.

Airport Deets

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is located just 14 miles west of downtown. Rentals cars are located in the covered garage just a short walk from the terminal. Uber and Lyft will cost about $35 and are located outside baggage claim door 4.


Referred to as the Golden Triangle, Pittsburgh was formed at the confluence of where the Allegheny and the Monongahela meet to form the Ohio River. Native Americans settled here but it became a battleground when France and Britain fought for control in the 1750s. Later the Whiskey Rebellion took place here as well as battles in the War of 1812. It became the world’s manufacturing center for the steel industry and remained so for decades. That lead to Pittsburgh becoming the home of many a Fortune 500 companies. Many changes have occurred over the years, but this city still has a large blue-collar and white-collar work force with strong family values.

Why Am I Here?

This once forgotten rust belt town has reinvented itself to become a destination for travelers far and wide. Today it is a medical, technological, and gastronomical powerhouse. With a beautiful skyline, excellent museums, thriving theater and arts scenes, and a rich cultural heritage throughout its 90 distinct neighborhoods, Pittsburgh's newfound energy is bound to surprise and entertain you.


This Southwestern Pennsylvania town enjoys all four seasons. Winters tend to be long and temps can dip into the teens. Spring and Fall can be chilly and rainy. Summer is pleasant and reaches the mid-80s.

Local Delicacies

A trip to Pittsburgh wouldn’t be complete without eating a Primanti’s sandwich - a trucker’s dream where the fries and coleslaw are stuffed right inside with meats and cheeses on fresh Italian bread. Homemade Polish pierogis and Italian hoagies are mainstays, but don’t expect to see any condiments that aren’t Heinz.


Pittsburgh is proud of their town, so the best souvenirs show that off. Sports memorabilia, all things Heinz, and a Mr. Rogers puppet are all great things. Anything repping the 412 is a hit as well as things from local shops like Steel City & love, Pittsburgh. And don’t forget homemade chocolates from Sarris Candy Factory, buy a bunch and don’t share any.


Pittsburghers dress for all four seasons. Business casual is the norm for dinners and happy hours, although you’ll see a lot of jeans and street wear too. Bring a light jacket for spring and fall and bundle up in the wintertime.

Must Know

This town is influenced by visionaries like Andrew Carnegie, Mr. Fred Rogers (who was from there and filmed his famous PBS Children’s Show, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood there), and Dr. Thomas Starzl whose multiple innovations in surgery and immunology changed the face of modern medicine. The topography of Pittsburgh lends itself to beautiful views of the skyline, the rivers and the bridges from atop Mt Washington. Pittsburghese is a language unique to the area. “Yinzers” say things like “yinz” for you or y’all, “gumbands” for hair bands, and “j’eet yet?” for did you eat yet? Be careful if it’s snowing, the roads might get “slippy!”

Pittsburgh entered the core of my heart when I was a boy and cannot be torn out

- Andrew Carnegie