Welcome to San Antonio, TX!

San Antonio, a town in Texas that drips history around every corner. Located on the famous Riverwalk, this is a city full of history, culture, stories and more. A perfect blend of nature, adventure, markets, and food await you!

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about San Antonio, TX


Welcome to San Antonio, a Texas town filled with history, food & fun. The second largest city in Texas, San Antonio has a culture unique unto itself. Sure, you've heard of the Alamo & maybe the River Walk - and they're absolutely on the agenda. But San Antonio has turned into this funky city that blends a sprawling metropolis, a quaint historic village, & a hip town up-and-coming town.. San Antonio covers the board in interests - from haute cuisine to puffy tacos, river cruises & bike shares, modern art & the Alamo. There's an amazing trip to be found in Mission City.

Finding Your Way

San Antonio is a cool town that keeps growing. Certain areas & neighborhoods, including downtown, are very walkable & there are a large number of bikes all over the city. If you're venturing outside of downtown, a rental car can be useful, but tiny winding streets & parking can be hard. The public transportation system is called Via & only $2.75 a day if you prefer & Lyfts are a great option for getting around within town as well.

Airport Deets

The San Antonio International Airport is only about 15-20 minutes from downtown, making it easy to get to & from. One option is to take Via for only $1.20 which will take just over 30 minutes. You can also take a Lyft for about $20 which will take you directly to your hotel if you don’t have a rental car.


The history of San Antonio is what is most thought of when you think of this town. Before the 1500’s, the area was filled with Native Americans when Europeans began showing up. The first Mission was built in the 1700’s as the makeup of the city became to change & became a point of divisiveness between European & Mexican governments. In the 1800’s the battle for independence occurred, remember - the Alamo? This city has continued to grow & change & today is a weird unique little city that embraces both its modern style & its historic past.

Why Am I Here?

San Antonio is often left off to the side when talking about the best places to visit in Texas. In fact, after the Alamo it usually gets left out of the conversation & that is a shame. This little city is not only full of incredible history but is also nestled in the heart of Texas hill country, surrounded by incredible nature. Add all of this to the quirky neighborhoods, amazing food, beautiful wineries, & you’re going to have an amazing time.


San Antonio is located in Central Texas, so you get mild to very hot weather. The winter is moderate, ranging from low 40’s to high 60’s. Spring is lovely, from mid 50’s to mid 80’s & is the best time to visit as the wildflowers are in full bloom. The summer is humid & sticky, with temps from the 70’s to high 90’s. Fall returns to lows in the 50’s & highs in the 80’s.

Local Delicacies

San Antonio is in the heart of Texas, which means Texas delicacies are the highlight of this town. You can’t leave without BBQ - ribs, brisket, you name it. It is also famous for Tex-Mex with its regional specialty being the Puffy Taco - an absolute must. Of course, classic Texan fare like chicken fried steak & Frito pie are great options for hearty meals. And of course the locally beloved soda Big Red.


Interestingly since you’re in the heart of Texas wine country, a bottle of local vino is always a great thing to take home. Something locally made & sold at the Mexican market is very unique to the area as well. San Antonio is also home to the second campus of the Culinary Institute of America, so anything involving local food & cookbooks are a must!


San Antonio is a laid back town, think casual fashion with a cowboy hat or two thrown in for flavor. If you’re venturing into the hill country, you’ll see even more of the proper Texan wear of flannel & jeans show up. Just be comfy, be casual, & lots of light layers for the humidity which is no joke.

Must Know

The Alamo is smaller than you think but it’s still worth visiting. The River Walk is open container, so stroll & drink! Chicken fried steak is actually beef, just fyi.

Remember the Alamo