Welcome to San Juan, PR!

Bienvenido a Puerto Rico! The land of rum, salsa, pristine beaches and incredible history all fill this tiny island just a few hours away from Florida. America’s own little corner of the Caribbean is a perfect place to spend a few days exploring, eating, relaxing, and unwinding. Get ready to take in all that this fascinating island has to offer and fall in love with the culture that abounds.

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about San Juan, PR


Welcome to San Juan, Puerto Rico, the American Caribbean. Filled end to end with local treasures of the past & present, Puerto Rico is an island to fall in love with. Cobblestoned Old San Juan is home to colorful Spanish colonial buildings & massive fortresses of yesteryear while New San Juan 's wide sun-drenched pink sand beaches are lined with resorts, bars, night clubs & casinos. Get ready to never want to leave & leave a little bit of your heart behind when you do.

Finding Your Way

The entire island of Puerto Rico can be crossed by car in just a few hours. You will find the heart of San Juan eminently walkable but if you’re coming from the beach towns or the nature closer to the rainforest, we recommend a taxi or an Uber. You can rent a car but the streets are old & narrow, so it’s not for the faint of heart! When it’s time to explore Old San Juan, you’ll find it is a walled city & it must be explored on foot, all the better to experience every inch!

Airport Deets

Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (SJU) is located in Carolina, only about 3 miles southeast of San Juan, but about a 25 minute drive or $15 from Old Town & 10 minutes or $10 from Condado, the beach town.


Founded in 1521 by Juan Ponce de Leon during his hunt for the fountain of youth, who named it "City of Puerto Rico" which means rich port. It became an invaluable middle ground between the old & new worlds. Puerto Rico has had a hard & storied past, being a part of many different countries, all of which you’ll see represented across the island. It became part of America during the Treaty of Paris at the end of the Spanish-American War & has contributed great art, food, & culture to the tapestry of America.

Why Am I Here?

Puerto Rico is a quick hop from the Florida coast, yet so different from the rest of the US. With its own history & culture, you feel like you’ve fallen into another world without ever leaving home. With perfect temperatures, incredible music, awe-inspiring nature that lines up beaches next to rain forests & bioluminescent bays, your exploration is endless. Enjoy the pride, the food, & the big heart of this little island.


Puerto Rico is a part of the Caribbean & their weather reflects it. The temperatures is perfect throughout the year, always squarely between 72°-89°. They see fairly heavy rainfall during the fall & high humidity during the summer. December-May is ideal weather, with little cloud coverage or rain, just sun shining & palm trees swaying.

Local Delicacies

Puerto Ricans show love through food, so be prepared to eat well! Don’t hesitate to try new things - a few musts are tostones (fried plantains), alcapurrias (fritters), pernil (roasted pig), & mofongo (mashed plantains with veggies or seafood). Don’t forget to drink a Coquito & locally made rum!


Local products like handbags & hats are very popular to bring home from PR. Because of their culinary scene, rums & coffees as well as spices like adobo & pique are crowd pleasers. If you're lucky, someone will share the recipe for Chichaitos, to bring a taste of the island home! If you’re after a bigger souvenir, the hammock was invented here & a handwoven cotton hammock is considered a local must.


Despite all the beaches, the dress code is not always beach attire in PR. Many restaurants, bars & casinos require shirts & closed-toe shoes for men, so be sure to check ahead! Otherwise, think linens & bright island colors!

Must Know

Puerto Rico is America so the US dollar is the local currency of Puerto Rico & no passport is needed to travel here. Have some cash on you to buy food & souvenirs at local shops & kioskos. Also beware, you’ll see both metric & standard measurements around the island, so you may need to do some conversions!

Puerto Rico is one of those places where you can be as quiet or as crazy as you want...

- Bruce Forsyth