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Life’s hard, vacation shouldn’t be.

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Next stop? It’s a surprise!

We’re a custom surprise destination travel company where we do the planning, you do the traveling. How it works:


Tell us your dates & budget.

Take a quick survey.

Leave the rest to us.

Flight tickets, hotel reservation, trip itinerary - we’ve got that covered.

Get Set...

1 week before your departure you’ll get a 10 day weather forecast & some packing tips.

24 hours before departure you’ll find out when & from where your plane/train/automobile departs.

Go On A Whym!

2-3 hours before your trip, you find out where you’re going!

When you land, you’ll get a few more details like where you’re staying and how to get there.

You’ll get an itinerary customized to you, with a few more surprises built in along the way.

Surprise Travel Agency

Great Deals on Surprise Trips and Mystery Vacations

Select Your Whym

Solo Surprise Travel

Solo Surprise Travel

From $850.00

Group Surprise Travel (Per Person)

Group Surprise Travel (Per Person)

From $750.00

Couple Surprise Travel (2 People)

Couple Surprise Travel (2 People)

From $1,500.00

Road Trip Surprise Getaway (per person)

Road Trip Surprise Getaway (per person)

From $375.00

Elopement & Vow Renewal Surprise Travel

Elopement & Vow Renewal Surprise Travel

From $1,000.00

Kid-Friendly Surprise Travel (Ages 0 - 12)

Kid-Friendly Surprise Travel (Ages 0 - 12)

From $0.00


Bryce Miller

Went on a Whym with my wife and we were sent to Columbus, Ohio! We had never thought of visiting there, but loved every part of the trip thanks to Whym! They planned every detail and gave us an incredible suggested itinerary even a few surprises along the way!

Carolyn Sousa

I cannot recommend this experience enough! From start to finish it was absolutely perfect and catered to our interests and fit our survey! Perfect amount of activities and downtime. And they nailed it

Nalda Tickal

We're telling all our friends and family, and basically everyone we meet that they need to book their own Whym, immediately! We felt so cared for, pampered, and all together spoiled.

Emilie Cooper

For my husband and my 40th, we decided to use Whym for a surprise vacation. The trip to NYC that they planned for us was perfect! They had suggestions that checked all the boxes for a perfect trip. 

Morgan Nelson

We had the BEST time on our Whym weekend to Denver. I’d been to Denver before but had never seen it in such a fun way! Every food recommendation was ON POINT, our hotel was way cool, and the Whymsies planned for us were so fun!