Trip Examples

Specific Examples

We’ve given you a lot of information - now it’s time to get specific. Let’s be clear - these are only examples. This is not what your trip will look like, but rather a few examples that we’ve seen time and again based on budgets, trip type, & departure/destination cities. Hopefully this will give you a little bit more clarity around what to expect and what we can do!

Most Popular Trip: $2,000/Person 3 Nights

Small Airport: Hartford, CT
Destination Airport: Austin, TX
Surprises: Walking Tour, Kayaking, & Hard to Get Dinner Reservation

Mid-Size Airport: Denver, CO
Destination Airport: Savannah, GA
Surprises: Cemetery Tour & High Tea

Large Airport: Los Angeles, CA
Destination Airport: New York, NY
Surprises: Broadway Show, Cronuts, & Comedy Tickets

Most Affordable Trip: $850/Person 2 Nights

Mid-Size Airport: Cincinnati, OH
Destination Airport: Kansas City, MO
Surprises: Speakeasy Reservation


Splurge Trip: $3,500/Person 4 Nights

Mid-Size Airport: Indianapolis, IN
Destination Airport: Nashville, TN
Surprises: Grand Ole Opry Ticket, Ryman Auditorium Concert & Backstage Tour, Bluebird Show, & Rooftop Bar Reservations

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Most Popular Trip: $2,500/Person 3 Nights

Small Airport: Des Moines, IA
Destination Airport: San Diego, CA
Surprises: Horseback Riding & Unique Dinner Reservation

Mid-Size Airport: New Orleans, LA
Destination Airport: Portland, OR
Surprises: Cabin in the Woods & Theater Tickets

Large Airport: Dallas, TX
Destination Airport: Chicago, IL
Surprises: Architecture Cruise, Comedy Tickets, & Baseball Game

Most Affordable Trip: $750/Person 2 Nights

Mid-Size Airport: Minnesota, MN
Destination Airport: Columbus, OH
Surprises: Art Gallery Tickets


Splurge Trip: $4,000/Person 4 Nights

Mid-Size Airport: St. Louis, MO
Destination Airport: San Juan, PR
Surprises: Bacardi Distillery Tour, Historical Walking Tour, Nighttime SUP Boarding & Massages on the Beach

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Most Popular Trip: $3,500/Person 4 Nights

Small Airport: Lubbock, TX
Destination Airport: Phoenix, AZ
Surprises: Jeep Tour & Couples Massage

Mid-Size Airport: Raleigh, NC
Destination Airport: Denver, CO
Surprises: Prepaid Car, Distillery Tour, Hiking Adventure & Mani-Pedis

Large Airport: Las Vegas, NV
Destination Airport: Maui, HI
Surprises: Surfing Lessons, & Volcano Helicopter Tour

Most Affordable Trip: $1,250/Person 2 Nights

Mid-Size Airport: Pittsburgh, PA
Destination Airport: Miami, FL
Surprises: Massages on the Beach


Splurge Trip: $5,000/Person 5 Nights

Mid-Size Airport: Omaha, NE
Destination Airport: San Francisco, CA & Napa Valley
Surprises: Wine Train, Reservation at French Laundry, Theater Tickets, Wine Blending Class, Prepaid Car, & Hot Air Ballon Ride

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