FAQ - Getting Started

We require a minimum of 21 days advance notice for a vacation.

You’ll get a confirmation email from us, and then…you wait. No, we know that sounds ominious but trust us, it's fun. Nothing else is needed from you once we have your answers (and the credit card clears). Exactly 7 days before departure you'll receive a message with the 10 day forecast and a general packing guideline. 24 hours before your trip is to take place, we'll message you the time and location of your departure.

No, it's important for us to get a sense of everyone going on the trip, so we require everyone to answer their own questionnaire. Make your voice heard, sing out Louise!

Absolutely! We plan for people from all over the country and love to help long distance friends/families/couples meet up somewhere new and exciting! In the survey, just indicate what airport you're leaving from and you're all set!

Nope, you’re right on track. You're told your point of departure and time 24 hours in advance, but the actual final destination won’t be revealed to you until about two to three hours before you leave.

We understand emergencies happen, so you have a 48 hour cancellation window for a full refund from the time of booking for everyone. If you purchased the Whym Warranty, you are able to get a refund. You can read more about that here. If you did not purchase the warranty, after 48 hours there are no refunds as tickets and hotels may already be booked and underway.

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