Surprises Are Half The Fun

With Whym, you not only get a surprise trip, the surprises just keep coming - we’re fun like that. Once you land, your itinerary could include additional surprises depending on your interests, where you are going, and your budget. We will always recommend an awesome itinerary that falls within your guidance of how much you want to spend while you’re away, but some things just need some preplanning & that’s where your surprises come in!

We’ve provided some examples below as guidelines. The options are endless - these are just a few of the things we love!

Small Budget

Hard To Get Reservations
Walking Tours
Museum Tickets
Famous Landmark Tickets
Craft Class
Kayak/Bike Rentals

Mid-Size Budget

Food Tours
Comedy Shows
Winery/Brewery Tours
Lyft Gift Cards
Sporting Events
Cooking Classes

Large Budget

Theater Tickets
Spa Appointments
Tasting Menu Dinners
Prepaid Rental Cars
Helicopter/Horseback Rides
Concert Tickets

See more detailed examples of surprises and budgets under our Trip Examples section! Book Your Whym ✈