FAQ - Whym Warranty

After 2020, we all are after the same thing - peace of mind. While we can't make everything simpler, we can make traveling a little bit easier by making sure you know you're in good hands. Things happen, they always will, especially in a pandemic age like now. So if you want the excitement of a trip without the worry of "what if?", this warranty is your best bet. 

Depending on how far in advance you cancel, you will get money, credit, or both back!

It’s simple - Whym Warranty is 10% of the cost of your package. For example, if you buy a $1,000 trip, your warranty is $100.

Everything! We don’t ask questions about why you need to cancel, we know things happen. Whether it’s an illness, a special event, a breakup, mercury is in retrograde, you’ve got your reasons and that’s all that matters.


Our warranty is based on how far in advance you need to cancel or change your trip. 

That’s all us! Everything about travel insurance is confusing. Where to buy it, how to use it, is it really inclusive? Our founder has a masters in Insurance (we know, but yes it’s a thing) and rather than outsource this nonsense, we brought it in house. That means all issues, all cancelations, all changes, everything that goes along with the sadness of canceling a trip will be done right here at Whym. We want to make canceling or changing as easy as taking a trip with us.

It’s super simple! Once you click “Add To Cart” on your package, your Whym Warranty page will automatically pop up. There you can input the budget of trip you’re taking and click “Add & Continue To Survey” so the Warranty goes right in your cart and you continue on with the fun part!

Just shoot us a text! Send a text to (347) 766-WHYM and say you need to cancel (or change) your Whym. We will help take it from there and get everything all worked out.

If you cancel within 30 days of departure, you will see that your refund is comprised of a mix of airline credit & money. Because certain airlines don’t allow for refunds but they do allow for rescheduling, that airline credit is all yours! You can use it in any way you wish. We will make up the rest of the amount you’ll be getting back in money returned to your original form of payment.

We’re so sorry that an emergency happened. Unfortunately, within 3 days of departure we aren’t able to issue any refunds. However, if you have to cancel, please do let us know so that we can alert tour operators and restaurants.

That’s ok! When you arrive at the warranty screen, you can just click “Continue To Survey” and choose to not buy it. If you do not buy the warranty, you still have the same 48 hours to cancel or make any changes that you need to. After that, there is no refund for any cancellations and any changes that need to be made will be subject to the $100 change fee in addition to the cost difference associated with any changes.

Once we chat with you, we will process the necessary refund immediately. You’ll receive an automatic email as well as a follow up email we will send if there is any airline credit information. From there, it’s dependent on your bank, you can usually expect to see the money within 3-5 business days.

Yes, your warranty only protects the package you buy it with. When you click add to cart, you’ll be able to protect that package by choosing the associated warranty.

That’s okay, everyone can make their own decision whether to protect their trip. However, if there are two travelers and one purchased the warranty and one didn’t, only the person who purchased the warranty would be able to get money back, the other traveler would not be eligible for any refund.

The warranty only covers refunds for cancellations before the trip. Letting go and giving into the surprise of the unknown is all the fun! We think you’ll love what we have in store, don’t worry about a thing.

We understand changes may need to happen. Without the Whym Warranty, you can still make changes, but there will be a $100 fee associated for each change that needs to be made per traveler. With the Whym Warranty, the $100 fee will not apply, you would only be responsible for the difference in cost for any change that needs to be made. Some changes may include a later or earlier flight home, a date change, etc.

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