Hotel Information

Which Hotels & Why?

We guarantee 3 stars or higher. We strive to always do 4+ stars, but in some areas, 3 stars are the absolute coolest ones (like the Saguaro above) or the best ones for your budget! We’re snobs, so we only send you to hotels that we ourselves would stay in, we promise.

We have placed clients in unique local boutique hotels like Arlo or Freehand to funky regional brands like Lark or Graduate or 21c Museum hotels. On the larger scale, we’d never say no to a fun Kimpton or Ace and hey, if the budget is available and the city is right, Aman & Waldorf are always on the list! We’ve also been known to go a little more rustic like Under Canvas or Getaway or a local B&B for the history buffs.

We do not work with AirBnB but we will find rentals in cities if specifically requested for a larger group, so keep that in mind while setting your budget.

If you have special requests for your hotel - anything from room service to hot tub to a vibrating heart-shaped bed (you wouldn’t believe what we’ve been asked but don’t worry, your secret is safe with us) - that is great and we will do our best to give you that. However any additional specialty request may increase the cost of your trip, so be sure to increase your budget accordingly.

For group travel, we always put 3 people or less in one hotel room unless otherwise specified. You need extra rooms, want each person in their own room, a room just for luggage? Just make sure your budget reflects that and we got you.

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