How To Whym

Do We Have Your Attention Yet? Good.

Let's Give You The Nitty-Gritty On How It All Works:

Booking Your Whym

Head to “Book Your Whym” to choose the number of nights & budget for your trip (feel free to check out our Budget Guide for some help there!). There you will fill out a survey asking you some get-to-know-you questions to help us plan you the ideal Whym.

7 Days Before

7 days before your trip, Whym sends you your first clue! You’ll get a 10-day weather forecast and a packing list specific to your mystery destination so that you know what and how to pack. Then the waiting resumes…

24 Hours Before

24 hours before your adventure commences, Whym sends you details on what time and from where you’ll be departing as well as an updated weather for your destination to help finalize your packing.

You're Off!

Finally! It’s time! At this stage, begin picking up your phone every 2 seconds looking for that big reveal notification that will happen 2-3 hours before departure. It will include your destination, a top 10 things to know about where you’re going and a custom playlist to get you in the mood!

It's All Happening...

Upon arriving, you’ll have a completely personalized itinerary waiting for you containing restaurant reservations, places to explore, where to go and what to do. Follow every single thing we suggest or only follow some, but we’re pretty awesome at this, so we think you’re going to love what we suggest. 

Along The Way

The surprises aren’t done yet - we wouldn’t leave you high and dry like that! Your personal concierge who has been texting you leading up and throughout the trip will be in touch periodically with additional surprises. Depending on what your budget is and where you’re going, these could be anything from super cool restaurant reservations to tours to a show. Your concierge will reveal the surprise when the time is right ‘cause they’re awesome like that.

Pics or It Didn't Happen

Enjoy your adventure, explore, eat, eat some more and take loads of pictures to commemorate the fabulous trip you’re on and to make everyone super jealous while they’re stuck in their cubicles. Pics or it didn’t happen…

And don't forget to tag @whymtravel, duh!

Don't Go...

We know you'll never want to leave, so we’ll take care of checking you in and then about 2-3 hours before your departure, we'll send over your boarding passes to help make the departure go a little smoother.  

Welcome Home!

Now you’re home and you absolutely loved your adventure! You did something new, explored a cool place and just genuinely had fun traveling with us. There’s only one step left - book another one!!