Escaping the Late Summer Heat

By onawhym on Aug 30, 2021

With the heat of summer continuing to encompass us all, here at Whym we’re daydreaming about pumpkin beers, hot chocolate and the cool breeze of fall. It only makes sense that our daydreams take us to the North-Eastern point of the United States: Maine. A place full of whimsy and beautiful views, mountains and lakesContinue reading "Escaping the Late Summer Heat"

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Time Traveling in America

By Whym LLC on May 17, 2021

You may or may not have picked up on this, but the team here at Whym LOVES to travel. Near or far, with 3 suitcases or just the clothes on our back, for the food or for the views- regardless of what our itinerary has in store for us, we’re always ready for a newContinue reading "Time Traveling in America"

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Breathtaking Hikes for Your Next Outdoor Vacation

By onawhym on Aug 13, 2020

Got oxygen? Good. We’re sharing some of the most breathtaking mountains and trails on America’s west coast-literally and figuratively. From the near 3,000 steps of the Manitou Inline in Colorado to the 211 miles of rocky beauty on the John Muir Trail in California, your next hiking excursion is sure to include plenty of altitude(andContinue reading "Breathtaking Hikes for Your Next Outdoor Vacation"

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By onawhym on Aug 11, 2020

Where to begin?  Whym has seen every manner of hotel pool this country has to offer.  Yes it’s hard work, but somebody had to do it!  All in the name of research, of course.  There are so many beautiful blue baths out there it was hard to narrow them down to our favorites.  So afterContinue reading "HOT HOT HOT HOTEL POOLS"

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Most Romantic Cities in America

By Whym LLC on Feb 11, 2020

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, thoughts drift towards romance, flowers, chocolates, and how to spend quality time with the one you love. Whym staffers tend to be a sappy, soft and gooey kind of group (pink milkshakes will be on the lunch table on February 14th.  Bet on it!) and we want to help setContinue reading "Most Romantic Cities in America"

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