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Solo Surprise Travel

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Looking to go on the ultimate solo adventure? Let Whym plan you a trip to an unknown destination. Select your dates above, fill out a survey and we'll take care of the rest. Your personal concierge will be in your pocket the whole time on your adventure - let us do all the lifting, you just do the exploring! 

The budget you choose above is intended to cover flights, hotel, a carry on, & potentially a surprise or two along the way. What those flights, hotels, & surprises are will be based on a myriad of factors such as where you’re leaving from, what you like, where you’ve been & especially your budget. For more info click here.

Does your selection display as unavailable? That just means the budget you selected is too low for the number of nights of travel. If you need help choosing a budget, check out our budget guide or check out some trip examples!

Prices Begin At:
- 2 Nights: $950
- 3 Nights: $1,500
- 4 Nights: $2,000
- 5 Nights: $2,500
- 6 Nights: $3,000
- 7 Nights: $3,000
- 8 Nights: $3,500
- 9 Nights: $4,000
- 10 Nights: $4,500