FAQ - Airport

We will check you in for all of your flights so you don't need to worry about
that! If you decide to check yourself in or make any changes, just let us
know. Otherwise consider it done

We will tell you the time your plane departs 24 hours before, it's up to you
when you arrive at the airport. Most airlines recommend arriving at the
airport around 2 hours before your flight, especially if you're checking
luggage. (Please note checked luggage is not included in your package).

If you are traveling on holidays, leave some extra time for extra long
security lines

If you want to know what the current security lines look like to help you
plan better, we recommend downloading the My TSA app where you can
see average wait times for most airports in the US.

If you do decide to check a bag, you will go to the counter of your airline
and be able to pay for it there. Please note, luggage must usually be under
50 pounds. If you want to double check what can and can't go in your
luggage, consult the my tsa app.

Carry on dimensions vary slightly by airline however you will usually be fine
with an average sized roller bag. If you're unsure if yours is too large, feel
free to text us.

If you have a credit card, check your perks! You may have access to free
additional perks like Clear or TSA Precheck to help skip security lines.