FAQ - Meals

We recommend reading through the entire itinerary when you receive itrather than go day by day so that if there’s anything you want to swaparound or do instead, you’ll know when it fits best.

Your itinerary is a careful balance of approaches - we want to highlight thefamous musts, some of our local faves, and some of the specifics youmention in your survey.

If your meal has a reservation, you will see a clock on your itinerary. If youchoose not to go, that’s not a problem just let us know and we will cancelthat for you so someone else can enjoy it! Most restaurants do request 24hours of notice, so if possible please let us know the day before!

Your itinerary is a suggestion not a mandate. These are things that our welltraveled and well experienced team love and think you’ll love too but it’snot our vacation, it’s yours. If there is something you’ve always wanted todo or something you randomly stumble upon while exploring, go do it!Whym is all about the spontaneity so we say embrace it.

If you see a clock anywhere on the itinerary, that means that event has aspecific start time that can’t be missed. You may see this for surprises,reservations, or certain activities. If you think you won’t make it or havequestions about it, we’re just a text away!

Grey boxes = surprises. On average you will find out about what thesurprise is 2 hours before unless you need more time.

In your itinerary we’ve listed addresses but we suggest using your favoritemap app to h.

elp guide you around this new city to make exploring easier.

If you need anything particular - dress codes, equipment, etc - we’ll tellyou in the itinerary.

Does your itinerary look fuller or emptier than how you normally travel? We wanted to tell you everything blah blah.