FAQ - Planes

We will send you your flight information and a screenshot of a boarding
pass if available. However, if you want to keep an eye on things like delays,
gate changes, etc, we recommend you download your airlines app and
look up your flight using your provided confirmation number so you can get
notifications about any significant changes.

If for some reason there isn't a boarding pass available, that's okay! All that
means is you have to print your boarding at the airport which happens.
When you arrive, head to a kiosk or a gate agent to print out your pass.

If you are traveling on holidays, leave some extra time for extra long
security lines.

You can bring a personal item and a carry on onto the plane with you. Be
sure to put your large carry on above your head and keep your smaller bag
by your feet.

We always try to get seats together but we can't guarantee it. Sometimes
they aren't available, sometimes they're out of budget, sometimes the
plane is just too full. You are welcome to check the app to see if seat
changes are available or ask your neighbors to swap with you if you'd like.
If sitting together is very important, consider that in your budget and be
sure to tell us in the survey!