FAQ - Public transportation

If you're on a whym in a destination that doesn't require a rental car that's great! That means there are lots of ways to get around.

When traveling without a rental car, your best option for long distances is a ride share app. We at Whym recommend using Lyft, but there are other options too like Uber, Via, Curb, etc. To use these, download them from the App or Play store on your device, set up an account & input your preferred payment method. You will be able to just put in the name or address of where you want to go and the car will come to pick you up based on your current location.

If you prefer to have a traditional taxi or don’t want to download an app, connect with the concierge at your hotel to get help with what is the best company to call and how to get in touch with them.

Whether you use Apple Maps or Google Maps, both will provide transit options of many ways to get to your destination (bus, subway, ferry, rideshare, etc).

We also love the Moovit app! It’s super easy and works on and offline.

Depending on the city you’re in will depend on the public transportation available. Some big cities like New York & Chicago have major transit systems, where as smaller cities like Pittsburgh and Denver have smaller ones right downtown. We will tell you all about the transportation options in your city reveal!

Depending on how long you’re in your destination, consider multi day/week long passes to save some money!

A lot of major cities will have bike and scooter rideshares around town. It can be a fun way to get around but be sure to follow all local traffic guidance. To use, download that companies app and you’ll be able to scan the item you’re using and youre off and running! It usually charges based on time & distance.