FAQ - Rental cars

Need a cc not debit to pick up.

They will hold a deposit until returned and if everything is fine you get that

It is more expensive to rent a car under 25, but if that is the case for you,
we have taken that into consideration when planning for your budget.

Do you have auto insurance? Most times that insurance will apply even if
you're driving a rental car. You should also check the cc you are using to
pay for the car, often times rental car coverage comes with it. Then it is up
to you if you want to add additional coverage but it isn't usually necessary.

Make note of any damage on the car before you drive off the lot.

Usually The least expensive way to return the car is with a full tank.
Otherwise they will charge you to refill it themselves, often at a premium.

It usually costs more money to add a second driver.

Ask at rental counter if you'll have to drive through many tolls to get to/
from airport. If so, consider adding a prepaid toll card to your rental car.
This is optional but a choice.

We will always reserve the most cost effective car for the size of your
group. Should you want to have a larger car you can discuss that at the
counter however please note that it will cost more.

Discounts - military, student, aaa, corporate, aarp

To find the rental car counter, follow the signs in the airport. Some airportshave shuttles that will take you to your rental car counter, so dont worryabout hopping on it! Just make sure that shuttle will take you to yourparticular rental car companies counter.

It can take a good chunk of time to pick up or drop off your car, so be sureto plan appropriately. Don’t be surprised if it can take 30-60 minutes butmost of the time, it’s expedient and super easy!