Travel Tips: Packing Prep

The packing list we provide is just some key items you must know about
your destination (swimsuit or snow boots?).

You're on vacation so it's always fun to get gussied up for a nice evening. If
we're sending you to somewhere that requires a fancy outfit, we will tell
you. Otherwise it's your call!

Pack to your weather forecast! Depending on where you're from, you may
feel differently about different temperatures. Are you from Minnesota and
heading somewhere in the 50s and it feels balmy? Or are you from Florida
and 50s means hat and coat? Only you know how many layers you need to
stay warm!

Speaking of layers, we love a layer. When traveling it's never a bad idea to
have extra layers for going in and out of cold museums in the summer or
going into somewhere warm during the winter and being able to unwrap.

Leave room for souvenirs!

If you're bringing only a carry on, remember you can only have liquid up to
3.4 oz. That means bringing smaller bottles. If you're not sure if it's too big,
check the bottle itself, it should have a size listed. Your hotel will have
things like shampoo, conditioner, etc so you don't have to bring it unless
you want your own. Don’t forget your comfort items - hand sanitizer, lip
balm, etc.

Don’t want to buy water at the airport but you can’t bring a larger liquid
bottle through TSA, bring an empty bottle and refill it once you're through

If you do decide to check a bag, be sure not to put anything essential like
medication, jewelry, glasses etc in it.

Your package includes a carry on and a personal item. A personal item can
be a backpack, a purse, a tote, etc which fits under the seat in front of you
and a carry on is a larger bag that fits above you - a small roller board bag,
a duffel, etc. If you want to check a bag you can, but you will pay
additionally for that at the airport!

The cost to check a piece of luggage varies by airline as well, but you can
expect approximately $35-65 per luggage per flight.