Welcome to Atlanta, GA!

Peace up, A-Town down. Welcome to Atlanta, the de facto capital of the South! Jermaine Dupri sang about it, Donald Glover created a show about it, and Rhett Butler didn’t give a damn about it. Atlanta is home to more than just the world’s busiest airport - it’s home to music, food, museums, and Coca-Cola. Tucked within the bustling city limits, you’ll find trails, nature, history and more. An admittedly sprawling city, it elevates the sweet southern Georgia peach by adding a dash of confidence and attitude unique to ATL. Over the next few days you’ll eat, wander, eat, and explore everything Hotlanta has to offer!

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about Atlanta, GA


Welcome to Atlanta - and by that we mean congrats on leaving the airport. Atlanta is one of the largest cities in the country & while its footprint on America is indelible - from Civil Rights to sports to movies & music - it’s often a city quickly forgotten & that’s a shame. In fact, thanks to the 5.6 million people who call this metropolitan area home, its music, its food, the Fortune 500 companies that base here, it is all but the de-facto capital of the South. Full of history, diversity, & art, it’s a fascinating place to explore.

Finding Your Way

Atlanta is a sprawling city with walkable areas but it is definitely a city best explored by car or public transit. A rental car can a good option if you’re here for a while but be mindful of traffic. Lyft is a great & heavily utilized option, even by natives, thanks to parking & traffic. The public transport system is called MARTA & is affordable at only $2.50. It's a great alternative if you don’t want to deal with rush hour & parking. It’s easy to use but only goes to certain areas so check where you’re going first the train goes there!

Airport Deets

Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport (ATL) is the worlds busiest airport & isn’t far from town, only 15-20 minutes by car with no traffic. If your hotel is close to a MARTA stop, this is a great option. A Lyft ride ranges from $15-30 depending on traffic & the part of town you’re heading to.


Atlanta was destined to be a hub of travel & culture from its inception in 1836 when Georgia decided to build a railroad to the midwest - they drove a stake into the ground called the "Zero Mile Post” & sealed their fate as a hub that would connect America & eventually the world. As more industries sprung up (hello Coke), money poured in & education, music, and art exploded. In the turbulent ‘60s, ATL was "the city too busy to hate." The Civil Rights movement would alter not only the city but the country, making them now "the city not too busy to care."

Why Am I Here?

Atlanta is a cultural epicenter whose contributions are felt across the nation. The culinary scene highlights everything from dive restaurants hidden around the city to haute cuisine that elevates the art form. The museums are incredible - the Civil & Human Rights museum is one of the best in the world & is an important landmark in our country. Plus who doesn’t want to see the World of Coke museum?! Factor in the music & movies made here, the sports played here, who wouldn’t want to spent some time in Hotlanta!


Atlanta is a mercurial & cloudy city. The winter tends to be very wet & averaging 40-50°, while the summer is a muggy 80-90°. Spring & fall tend to hover in the lovely 60-80° but be prepared with rain gear for the spring & lots of layers for the fall - the weather changes on a dime!

Local Delicacies

Atlanta is all about comfort food. BBQ is big here despite not having their own signature style. Atlantans means business when it comes to their biscuits - ranging from classic to funky. Our favorite meal is a classic meat & three with a glass of sweet tea. And of course - don’t leave without trying something that involves the perennial Georgia peach!


Shopping in Atlanta is not hard - the malls are a thing of beauty. If you’re looking to go more local, Mama Bath + Body Soaps are named after local neighborhoods. For a sweeter souvenir, CACAO is a local chocolate shop all about sustainability & delicious snacks. Of course, something from the Margaret Mitchell House or the Coca-Cola factory is also always a really cool gift!


Atlanta is southern charm with a big city edge. Streetwear & sports gear are very popular, especially high end sneakers, for both men & women. Don’t discount a paisley. Southern charm still plays a large part with linens & seersucker in the summer.

Must Know

Every carbonated drink is a Coke in Atlanta - be prepared to order a Coke & be asked what kind. Also, these people love their sports, so don’t get in their way. And you’re not seeing things, there really are 71 streets with the name "Peachtree" in them, so don’t feel bad if you get lost!

Atlanta is a great city to cultivate your own thing - from music to fashion to food

- Brian Tyree Henry