Welcome to Austin, TX!

Welcome to the weirdest little town in the south! A town that has found itself forever progressing while holding on to its hippie heart. What was once a hippie commune of a town defined by its slogan “Keep Austin Weird,” it has become an ever-changing destination. Whether it’s with foodie cuisine next door to old fashioned bbq joints, tech startups down the street from local artisans, two-stepping country spots around the corner from rock hubs the likes of which Janis Joplin & Elvis came up in, Austin has something for everyone. Over the next few days be ready to eat, shop, eat, explore, drink and maybe have something to eat.

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The state capital, home of The University of Texas & their Longhorns, some of the best barbecue in the US, & the incomparable Sixth Street all call this little city of Austin home, nestled right into the heart of Texas’ Hill Country & Texans alike. The slogan “Keep Austin Weird” is a mantra that this vibrant town lives up to - mixing an eclectic live music scene, a booming tech industry, & hippie artists all together in one spot. For all the culture that lives & breathes in this city, the incredible nature surrounding it is just as amazing - hills, parks, lakes & so much more.

Finding Your Way

Austin is a great town but its walkability is found in pockets. If you need to leave city proper, you may want a car but for a trip to the city itself, walking & Lyfts are your best bet because traffic is awful & parking is very expensive. Austin is also a very bike-friendly town thanks to the UT students - you’ll know you’re getting closer to campus the more cyclists you see!

Airport Deets

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) is just minutes from downtown. You’ll find Lyfts are about $25-30 to most downtown hotels & will take about 15-20 minutes. Be sure to look for the statue of Barbara Jordan in the airport, the first African-American woman elected to the US Congress.


When Europeans settlers arrived, the Tonkawa tribe inhabited the area that would grow to become Austin. Spanish settlers would come along later & establish three different missions in the city. Most of Texas was actually Mexico initially & from 1835-1836, Texans fought & won independence from Mexico to become an independent country for just under a decade. Now part of the US, Texans often still long for the days of being a sovereign nation & you will see Texas State flags everywhere, flying with hometown pride.

Why Am I Here?

Austin is an oasis unto itself, having become a main tourist destination in the US. The renowned sunsets have led to the nickname “City with the Violet Crown” because of the colorful glow of light across the hills just after sunset. The music scene can’t be beat with many local venues & festivals happening year-round. The temperate climate & lakes in the center of town means the water sports are hard to beat. And of course, you can’t mention Austin & not bring up the amazing nightlife, history, & food around every corner.


ATX is a dry temperate climate, with an average high temperature of 79.8° (with August highest of 97°) & low of 59° (January’s lowest averages 42°). It only rains about 3-4 days per month meaning the weather is close to perfect year round!

Local Delicacies

Texas barbecue at its best can be found here - you’ll know the good ones when you see people sleeping outside sometimes even before the sun rises. Kolaches are a breakfast staple from the early Dutch settlers & something you shouldn’t leave without trying. And of course, the local Texas fare of a chicken-fried steak or a Frito Pie may sound strange, but trust us, they’re worth every bite.


Cookbooks are big thanks to the amazing BBQ & Tex-Mex found here. Jo's house blend is a local fave for all you coffee lovers & it's hard to walk past the beautiful cowboy boots & western wear shops without at least trying something on! And anything emblazoned with "Keep Austin Weird" is a must.


Funky chic & business casual are the usual attire in the Heart of Texas. T-shirts & shorts go almost everywhere, but even in the summer heat, you’ll see lots of cowboy boots. Pearl snap shirts & wide brim hats or dresses with boots are the height of fashionable here.

Must Know

Austin is famous for its bats. From March-October, 1.5 million bats emerge from under the Congress Ave Bridge just before sunset each night. Creepy yes, but a must see. Austin is also home to the only Formula One race track in the US!

There’s a freedom you begin to feel the closer you get to Austin, Texas

– Willie Nelson