Welcome to Boston, MA!

Welcome to the epicenter of New England! Loaded with history, culture and championship sports teams, Beantown is the place to be! It’s got everything you could ever want - a cool walking tour back through time or a serene walk through the beautiful public gardens. You can go to Newbury Street for upscale shopping and the Waterfront for the freshest seafood and chowder. Put on your walking shoes because there is so much to see and do here!

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about Boston, MA


Boston is the heart of New England and where America’s history comes to life. Filled with everything from art to culture, to museums and music, to sports and food, Boston bustles. A city with pride to its bones, no one loves where they’re from more than a Bostonian. This town is heart and grit full of beauty and tales to tell. Whether you’re here to root for (or against) their hometown teams, sample James Beard award winning chefs, shop, study, or learn something new, it’s all right here, where everybody knows your name.

Finding Your Way

Boston is one of the most congested metropolitan areas in the U.S., making a GPS system a must. However it is also the 3rd most walkable city in America. It has the highest percentage of on-foot commuters in the country. Cycling is popular for both recreation and commuting. We don’t recommend renting a car, but a Lyft is a great alternative.

Airport Deets

Logan International Airport (BOS) is only 3 miles away from downtown and if you're willing to pay tolls, you can be there in 11 minutes. Otherwise, plan on 30 minutes. A cab should cost $23-35. Interestingly, JetBlue Gate 34 is dedicated to the Red Sox designated hitter, David Ortiz, lovingly known around town as Big Papi.


Indigenous people lived here before 15,000 BC. The arrival of Christopher Columbus to Massachusetts in 1492 started the European colonization of the Americas. In 1630, Puritans founded the city proper. It’s one of the oldest cities in the U.S. and the American Revolution erupted there with the Boston Tea Party. History is everywhere in this town.

Why Am I Here?

One visits Boston to learn something new. Be it partaking in Boston’s "Emerald Necklace,” a system of parklands and parkways for biking and relaxing, or wandering around the heart of America’s history. Or maybe you’re here to shop up and down Newbury Street or watch some of the most highly attended sporting events in the country. Whatever you enjoy, Boston has it for you in spades.


Like all of the Northeast, the weather in Boston fluctuates greatly. The Winter is cold and snowy, ranging from 20-40°. The Spring ranges from 35-65°. Most months average 10-13 days of precipitation in Boston. The Summer is beautiful, ranging from 60-80° and the fall, with its crisp air and beautiful leaves is especially great, with temperatures between 35-75°.

Local Delicacies

Boston is a coastal town and that shows in their food. Fresh-caught seafood and Boston clam chowda' are staples. And of course, the Boston Creme Pie can't be missed.


Bostonians love their teams, so sports memorabilia supporting a local team - or bashing a rival - is always a crowd pleaser. Harvard sweatshirts and gear and kitschy take homes highlighting the accent are everywhere. And of course, all things lobster and maple syrup are great gifts to take home with you.


Fairly conservative attire is the norm here. Dress warm! Weather can change very quickly so layers are always a good idea. Rain gear and sweaters/sweatshirts are necessary even on some summer evenings. You'll probably be walking a lot, so good walking shoes and an umbrella are a must. Bostonians aren’t a fancy bunch, you’ll be at home in smart casual wear more than anything else.

Must Know

Like we mentioned, the weather can chance on a dime, so always be prepared. The traffic is no joke, leave time to walk to your destination whenever possible. And it’s all about Dunkin’ Donuts here, so skip the Starbucks!

This is Boston. A city with courage, compassion, strength that knows no bounds

- Mayor Thomas Menino