Welcome to Los Angeles, CA!

Welcome to the City of Angels! Los Angeles has a lot to offer - fabulous weather, palm trees, movie stars & Disneyland. But more than that, LA has a culture uniquely its own. This massively sprawling city can be hard to crack, but if you can find what speaks to you, you may never want to leave. Whether it’s the incredible food in K-Town, the shopping in Beverly Hills, the view from the mountains, or the sound of the ocean in Malibu, there are a million vacations you can have in this metropolis. Be ready to eat, shop, sit in lots of traffic, explore, and so much more!

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Welcome to La La Land! A city full of everything you’re after, just a traffic jam away. Los Angeles is a town for people searching for something new & amazing. A constantly adapting city, every neighborhood is more unique than the last. From the mansions of Calabasas to the surf shacks in Venice, the shopping in Beverly Hills to the food trucks in K-Town, this city is a thrumming hub, you just have to know where to look.

Finding Your Way

There’s a reason the song “Nobody Walks in L.A” is so often quoted. This is not a strollable city, but much to everyones surprise, once you get to a neighborhood you want to explore you’ll find no car is needed. There is a train throughout the city for those looking to skip the freeways but they run sporadically & not all night. The easiest way to get around the city is by car - whether renting one if you’re here for a while or taking Lyfts if you’re staying local for just a couple of days.

Airport Deets

Los Angeles International Airport is located on the west side of Los Angeles adjacent to Dockweiler Beach, just south of Marina del Rey. If you aren’t renting a car, a Lyft is about $50 in to town & takes 30 minutes in light traffic. The FlyAway bus takes you to Union station for $9.75. Smaller airports like Burbank allow you to skip the mayhem of LAX but flights more often come with layovers.


California has a long history of constantly changing. The Spanish claimed it in 1542, before it would become part of Mexico in 1821 after the Mexican War of Independence. In 1848, the U.S. purchased California in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. In the 1890s, oil was discovered & everything changed. From the Gold Rush to the Golden Age of Hollywood, Los Angeles has continued to change throughout history, adapting to create the next great adventure.

Why Am I Here?

Do you love to shop? Welcome to Beverly Hills. Are you a water lover who adores the beach? Head to Malibu. A film buff who loves the silver screen? Hollywood is for you. Is your perfect vacation full of hiking? Head up Canyon Drive. All about the gram & the latest thing? WeHo is always ahead of the curve. Can’t wait to ride another roller coaster? Disney has you covered. Have you secretly always wanted to be on Top Chef? Welcome to K-Town. The "City of Angels" has something for everyone of every interest & more than anyone can do in just one trip!


LA has a Mediterranean climate with average high temperatures hitting 84° & lows at 60°. Winter averages are 57° for highs & 47° for lows. & in another instance of music telling the truth, it really doesn’t rain in Southern California - there are only about 35 days a year with precipitation, almost all in February.

Local Delicacies

Once a wasteland, food was not a defining characteristic of this city. However, in recent years that has changed dramatically. Everything from Michelin stars to celebrity chefs have popped up but even more than that, the culinary scene has found its own footing thanks to the incredible melting pot of cultures prevalent in this city. Sushi for dinner one night, Korean tacos the next night, what’s better!


Because there are so many versions of what to do in LA, the souvenirs vary to match. If you go to a Lakers or Dodgers game, you can’t leave without some team swag. Something out of this world from the Griffith Observatory is always memorable. Something from a Cali dispensary is a treat - or an actual treat from one of the fantastic restaurants you’ll visit along the way.


LA is home to movie stars, sure, but for every Birkin bag you see, you’ll see plenty of people in jeans & summer dresses. Fashionable but chill, that’s your vibe. And bring a jacket! While LA is always sunny, it cools off quickly at night - no reason for that to ruin the fit.

Must Know

The jokes about LA traffic are no joke. Avoid morning & evening rush hours. The smog can get crazy too, be prepared. You can get a sunburn through smog!

Cause the sun is shining all the time, looks like another perfect day. I love L.A.

- Randy Newman