Welcome to Memphis, TN!

Get your blue suede shoes ready, it’s time to board a plane. Tennessee is known for many things, but nothing has disseminated from this state more than its cultural influence on music. Memphis has long been a city that defined generations, that has changed our culture for the better - Johnny Cash & Elvis Presley - and for the worse - the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. What can’t be debated is there is a history, alive and thriving in the streets of Memphis. Home to phenomenal food (Memphis BBQ anyone?), incredible museums (Civil Rights & Graceland), funky attractions (The Pyramid), and a thriving nightlife (Beale Street). No matter what your interests are, Memphis should be on everyones bucket list. So get ready to learn, explore, and be awed by the land of the Delta Blues.

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about Memphis, TN


The 25th largest city in the United States, Memphis is located along the famous Mississippi River. The Birthplace of Rock & Roll, Memphis is known for being one of the most historically important cities in the south because of its vital role in the American civil rights movement & giving birth to musical moments that would shape our nation. Get lost in the Memphis Blues as it is fills the streets or grab some of the best BBQ you can get within a 100-mile radius while soaking up history of all kinds.

Finding Your Way

Memphis doesn’t have much in the way of public transportation, so a car or Lyft is your best bet when exploring this town. Once inside the city, the individual neighborhoods are very walkable. Beale Street is the main drag in downtown Memphis, where you’ll find all the bars & clubs. Graceland is actually just outside of city proper, about a 15 minute drive & close to the airport.

Airport Deets

Memphis International is about fifteen minutes away from the main city by car. You can grab a Lyft for $15-25 that would take about twenty minutes, which is your best bet if you aren’t renting a car.


The City of Memphis was founded in 1819 & was named after the ancient capital of Egypt. It would grow throughout the century to define itself as a cultural touchstone in the US. In the 1960s, Memphis was at the heart of the Civil Right Movement & is the site of MLK’s assassination. Famous musicians such as Elvis, Johnny Cash, B.B King, & Isaac Hayes all hail from this city & music still plays a huge role in it today.

Why Am I Here?

Memphis is filled with history & a rich culture that everyone should experience. Getting to listen to the blues at a club in the city it originated from is a priceless experience. At Graceland you can see the remnants from one of the most famous musicians ever. You also absolutely can’t leave without visiting one of the largest pyramids in the world - which also happens to be home to a Bass Pro shop. Yep, you read that right. And of course the civil rights museum where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot is a life altering experience. Get ready to get lost in the food, music, nightlife & history of this amazing city that you’ll never forget.


Memphis has all four seasons throughout the year. Summer in Memphis averages around 80° during the month of July & is incredibly humid. Winter is a rough climate because while it averages 40°, it has been known to experience ice storms & freezing rain.

Local Delicacies

Memphis is one of the top barbecue locations in the US. They will barbecue just about anything - everything from bbq nachos at Central BBQ to barbecue spaghetti at Interstate BBQ. That’s right. Spaghetti. Heck, there is even barbecue pizza at Coletta’s. So what we’re saying is, barbecue. They also do some mean fried chicken in this town just to switch it up a bit!


Memphis is known for the blues, so any music related artwork is a great memento. A print of an old record to a custom guitar, music is the heart of this town. Of course, anything Elvis emblazoned from Graceland is a must - the cheesier the better. If you’re really looking to splurge, visit Lansky Bros, the clothier to the King.


Memphis is laid back in their style, trying to beat the heat most days. Silk, linen & cotton are mostly used in the summer & a swim suit is a must to jump in the water & avoid the heat. At night on Beale Street, people dress to drink & dance so go for it!

Must Know

When it gets hot, it gets hot - don’t forget the sunscreen since you’ll be dressing to stay cool. Also, be prepared to line up for barbecue. Locals & tourists alike camp outside for ages to get their favorite!

Many cities make music, but no city breathes music quite like Memphis

- Shawn Amos