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Mystic, CT is what you picture when you say quaint New England. A village with rich history and New England culture, it’s practically a post card come to life. Mystic is known for being a seaport in the southeast area of Connecticut and a beloved getaway on the eastern seaboard. Enjoy your time strolling down Main Street exploring the shops, heading to a local seafood establishment, learning more about this boating village through engaging exhibits at the museum and aquarium, or exploring local wineries and beaches.

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Swab the decks & batten down the hatches! Get ready to set sail for a town full of cultural events, famous attractions, and adventures that bring locals and tourists together to enjoy all that this town has to offer! Mystic is a nautical village located on the Connecticut coast line. This quaint New England spot comes alive with its colorful local businesses, family run eateries, proximity to beaches and history alike.

Finding Your Way

The village of Mystic is very easy to get around as the whole town is less than four square miles. Walking and biking are the most popular way to get around, but you’ll definitely want a car to get into town or to get to further areas like certain hiking trails or beaches that this adorable town has to offer.

Airport Deets

Since Mystic is so small, there aren’t any airports in Mystic proper but there are a couple nearby to which you can fly. Providence T.F. Green in Rhode Island is about 45 minutes away from the center of Mystic. You can drive or take a taxi service such as Lyft, which will run about $50. The other option is Bradley International, a larger airport about 60-75 minutes away. Your best bet here is a rental car in to Mystic, though you can take a Lyft for about $80 each way.


Mystic was named in 1665, though settlers arrived 11 years earlier. The area was primarily rural until the war of 1812 when its coastal location became its defining characteristic. After the installation of the Mystic Bridge in 1819, Mystic became a ship building seaport & a safe place for tall ships to weather a storm. Mystic’s bridge is a bascule bridge, which means it is moveable to allow ships to pass - and it would go on to define this adorable town. Today Mystic continues to celebrate it’s nautical history and embrace its quaint Connecticut style.

Why Am I Here?

Mystic is a village with quintessential New England charm. From the freshest seafood caught same day, to the seaport which is a recreated 19th century village, to the newly updated aquarium where you can mingle with beluga whales, seals and dolphins, to the vineyards and beaches to explore and casinos to test your luck, you will envelope yourself in the rich Connecticut culture!


Coastal New England weather fluctuates greatly throughout the year. In the winter, temperatures range from 20° to 40° and it can be very snowy. The spring ranges from low 30’s to the mid-60’s. Mystic comes alive in the summer, with lows in the 60’s and highs near 80°. During the fall, the leaves change and the weather is very crisp & clear, with lows in the high 30’s and highs in the low 70’s.

Local Delicacies

If you are a fan of seafood you will find some of the freshest seafood you can imagine. Try the seafood pizza, a lobster roll, or fried clams. Mystic serves Connecticut-style lobster rolls, which are warm and drizzled in butter and totally amazing. If you’re looking for something other than seafood, try the famous Mystic Pizza, as well as local breweries and vineyards. If you’re really adventurous, the clam pizza is a CT staple.


Mystic has its share of nautical souvenirs. From anchors to whales, you will find something for the water lover. Be sure to check out the local antique shops scattered throughout the village. If you’re looking for bigger ticket items, Mohegan Sun Casino and Foxwoods Casino are a short ride away.


Think New England prep. Boat shoes, quilted vests, pearls, trousers, and lots of cardigans. Windbreakers are a popular option as it can be breezy by the water.

Must Know

The cult classic movie Mystic Pizza, was filmed here. It is a coming of age story that helped launch Julia Robert's & Matt Damon's careers. It usually runs on a loop in the now famous restaurant and is the town’s favorite calling card!

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