Welcome to Phoenix. AZ!

When you picture Arizona, you see big red mountains, rolling tumbleweeds, cacti around every corner. There is absolutely all of that, but there is even more. Welcome to Phoenix, the that sits surrounded by nature. This little city is bursting with life, activity, and so much more. Full of art, theater, funky breweries, and great restaurants, this city is sure to win you over with all there is to see and do.

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about Phoenix. AZ


Phoenix, Arizona is what happens when a cowboy town grows skyscrapers. A city with rambling heart of tumbleweeds & adobe buildings mashed together with breweries, museums, culture & nightlife. This city will surprise & delight you with its incredible views, its amazing nature, its fantastic city life, & its weather. Get ready for a truly unique combination of everything you could want!

Finding Your Way

Phoenix is a sprawling area. In fact, you’ll find yourself splitting your time between Phoenix & Scottsdale - often nicknamed “The West’s Most Western Town.” If Phoenix is the big city, Scottsdale is luxury & history. Because of how spread out all the different areas to explore are, you won’t find yourself walking place to place. You’ll need a car to get to different neighborhoods, but once there, you can absolutely explore by foot. Lyft is also prevalent in town, so should you decide you don’t want to drive to a certain area, it’s very easy to call something!

Airport Deets

Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is called "America's Tastiest Airport.” Located 15 minutes from Phoenix & 20 from Scottsdale, you’ll most likely be taking a car into town - either a rental or by calling a taxi or Lyft. There is also a SuperShuttle that runs every 20 minutes 24 hours a day if you prefer public transportation.


Arizona is one of the oldest parts of our country. In fact, you can trace Phoenix back to mammoths more than 9,000 years ago. A large part of this towns history is rooted in their ties to the tribes of Native Americans that resided here. You’ll find a lot of their influence still prevalent today. It was eventually settled into a city in 1867 based on the five C’s - cotton, citrus, cattle, climate & copper. Today Phoenix has become a tech haven with lots of companies establishing their west coast footprint here. The art scene dating all the way back to the Native Americans has adapted & changed but is still very much alive & well here!

Why Am I Here?

Besides the beautiful weather, you come to Phoenix to find the perfect blend of nature & city. The desert views surrounding this town, a short drive away, are unparalleled. But while in town, you’ll find microbreweries, strange art, & great food. What more could you want?


With sunshine 299 days out of the year, Phoenix weather is an absolute treat. It’s still the desert though, so be prepared. The winter is an average high of 70° with a low of 46°. Spring is the driest time of year, ranging from 77°-94°. The summer is hot & dry - an average high of 106° but with little humidity. Fall is more comfortable, highs ranging from 76°-100°.

Local Delicacies

Mexican food is everywhere in this part of the country & there’s a reason for it - it’s incredible. Try it all - the chimichangas, the molletes, the fry bread, & the tortilla soup. You’ll also find lots of different iterations of cactus & prickly pear - syrups, candies, drinks, you name it! & of course, you can’t leave without the Sonoran Dog - trust us.


When shopping in Phoenix, put a cactus in it, on it, near it, however you can get it. The prickly pear candies & suckers are a great souvenir too. If you’re in to food, Hopi blue corn pancake mix is fantastic & the Arizona Gunslinger pepper sauce is a must for anyone who loves spice.


Loose & flowy is what we’re going for here. You’ll see lots of cowboy style roaming about but also resort wear & hiking clothes. Don’t forget your hiking boots, sunglasses, & lots of light, loose, flowing layers.

Must Know

Phoenix is growing incredibly fast, so be prepared for some serious drive time getting from place to place & in traffic. If you’re there in February or March, you’ll find baseball spring training comprised of the Cactus League, a really unique way to watch a game! Lastly, it’s the desert - stay hydrated & be prepared for serious climate fluctuations.

God lives everywhere, but he vacations in Arizona

- Joseph Stacey