Welcome to Savannah, GA!

The land of southern drawls, slow cooked southern food, and southern hospitality, Savannah is known as The Hostess City. A city filled with modern art, history, grassy squares and elegant antebellums, it’s hard not to leave your heart in this little southern enclave. We dare you not to fall in love…

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Here's Whym's top ten things to know about Savannah, GA


Savannah is Georgia’s oldest city and a picture come to life. What makes Savannah so special is its combination of perfect scenery and rich history. Dripping in Spanish moss, the Hostess City is a collision of European beauty, southern charm, the architecture of yesteryear and the art scene of tomorrow. Just walking down the streets will make you want to take out your phone to capture this perfect pocket of a town.

Finding Your Way

Getting around Savannah is extremely easy. Aside from the modern day Lyft, there are CAT and DOT buses that will get you anywhere you want to go. From ferries to bicycles to carriages, there are a multitude of creative ways to get around. However, we believe the easiest and most scenic way to explore is definitely by walking.

Airport Deets

You will be flying into Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. Almost all major airlines fly to SAV so it’s not a hard city to get to. Located about 20-30 minutes outside of downtown Savannah, the easiest way to get in to town is a Lyft for about $35-40. You can also take the Airport Express bus which departs once an hour and is $5 one way or $8 round trip and takes 25-30 minutes. However the hours are limited so be sure to double check the times!


Savannah has a rich history that dates all the way back to 1733. The city was originally the capital of Georgia when it was first considered a Royal Colony. After the American Revolutionary War, the city became the most visited seaport of all 13 colonies. After some fighting back and forth, the British did not leave the city until 1782. The city had a long and prosperous nineteenth century. During the civil war, the local authorities made a peaceful deal to save Savannah from destruction… phew. Fortunately Savannah was not destroyed and remains one of the most well preserved historical sites in the US.

Why Am I Here?

Aside from it’s year-round great weather, Savannah has amazing architecture, history and art. Savannah also has the perfect blend of relaxation and outdoor activities. Home to everything from SCAD for modern art fans to Michelin star chefs to the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, there is no end to fascinating things to explore.


The weather in Savannah is amazing. The coldest months still see weather averaging around 60° with the height of the summer topping out around 90° though the humidity can be heavy from February to October.

Local Delicacies

You’re in the south, so welcome to the home of comfort food. Savannah’s past and future is proudly reflected in its food. Some musts are Leopold’s Ice Cream and Savannah’s Candy Kitchen where you can’t leave without a praline or nine. And of course, everything from biscuits to bbq to low-country cuisine has been perfected right here.


You’re in Savannah, so let’s aim a little higher than last minute magnet, mug, and keychain airport souvenirs, shall we? If you were at Savannah Candy Kitchen, pralines are a great gift if you’re willing to share. Byrd Cookie Company Key Lime Coolers are no joke either. ShopSCAD is a great place to find locally made super unique items too. And a cookbook from a local phenom will bring a taste of the south home with you!


Because of Savannah’s temperate weather even in the winter, cotton and linen are go to’s. Comfort is key in Savannah, especially in the summer. You’ll see lots of big hats, button down shirts, with a sweater or jacket added in the winter. Don’t expect to many heavy coats, think comfortable southern belle.

Must Know

Savannah has a lot of festivals throughout the year that can cause this lovely little city to become packed. If that’s not your scene, be aware and make reservations in advance wherever you can for everything you may do!

Savannah is amazing with the town squares and the hanging moss and the French colonial houses. It’s brutally romantic

- David Morrissey