How To Visit The Wave

By Whym LLC on Dec 30, 2019

Did you know one of the coolest, most beautiful sights in the world is right here in America?! We know you’ve seen in on Instagram and we know you want to go. Heres how YOU can cross it off your bucket list: The Wave It is the most highly sought-after hiking spot in the U.S.Continue reading "How To Visit The Wave"

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Scooting Around a New City

By Whym LLC on Aug 02, 2019

You’ve probably seen those electric scooters popping up all over the place lately. These electric scooters – which are almost exactly like the scooters of millennial youth (think Razor and bruised shins) are now motorized (way cooler) and can take you flying down the streets of a congested downtown at close to 30 mph. TheyContinue reading "Scooting Around a New City"

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Packing Lightly for a weekend getaway

By Whym LLC on Jul 26, 2019

We all do it – say we’re only bringing a carry on and then deciding at the last minute that we need to pack half of our closets and bathrooms, all while praying that it weighs under 50 lbs. Why wouldn’t you need that top that you have never taken the tag off of or Continue reading "Packing Lightly for a weekend getaway"

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Top 5 Must Try Dessert Spots on the East Coast

By Whym LLC on Jul 19, 2019

Whether you prefer hiking in the mountains or lounging in the sun, have money to spend or are budget traveling-There’s one thing we all look forward to when vacationing to a new destination: experiencing the food that every city has to offer. From Maine to Florida, we’re sharing 5 of the most drool worthy dessertContinue reading "Top 5 Must Try Dessert Spots on the East Coast"

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Be Proud, Be Loud, and Celebrate Pride!

By Whym LLC on Jun 29, 2019

The month of June is a time to make yourself aware and to celebrate the impact that LGBTQ+ people have had on our world – and this year may be the biggest celebration of all. In June 1969, the Stonewall riots occurred in New York City and began the path to equal rights for allContinue reading "Be Proud, Be Loud, and Celebrate Pride!"

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Why You Should Travel Post Graduation

By Whym LLC on Jun 14, 2019

You did it! @dear_jondog After years of late night cram sessions, endless exams and difficult labs, you finally graduated and now you’re faced with an important question: what’s next? While many people take this time to focus on finding careers in their chosen paths, many others are feeling lost and confused, unsure of what toContinue reading "Why You Should Travel Post Graduation"

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To Elope or Not To Elope – That Is The Question

By Whym LLC on Jun 01, 2019

So you’re debating the advantages of eloping vs. the big wedding.  Well congratulations on trying to hold onto your sanity.  You can picture it – you want dramatic and memorable but you don’t want drama or nightmares. You want pictures you’ll want to hang in your future home but you also want to be ableContinue reading "To Elope or Not To Elope – That Is The Question"

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Why I Travel – Bridget K. Scotti

By Whym LLC on May 25, 2019

We kick off our Why I Travel series with a post from our founder Bridget K. Scotti! Find out why she travels, what she loves about it, and why you should already be on the way to the airport!

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