Top Ten Travel Shows to Binge on Netflix

By Whym LLC on Apr 27, 2020

1.Dark Tourist This intense and adventurous docu-series follows a journalist around on some pretty eerie and straight up scary destinations that you have to watch for yourself. Ask anyone who’s binged this series and they’ll tell you it’s worth the watch, especially anyone who’s into all things haunted, creepy or unruly. 2.The Kindness Diaries ThisContinue reading "Top Ten Travel Shows to Binge on Netflix"

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Your 5 New Favorite Travel Podcasts

By Whym LLC on Apr 23, 2020

If podcasts weren’t really your thing before social distancing, they probably are now. What an easy way to fit some inspiration and education into your day without really doing… anything! We’re always down for a little education, especially when it comes to our favorite thing-travel! We’re sharing some of our favorite podcasts that will inspireContinue reading "Your 5 New Favorite Travel Podcasts"

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10 Great Books to Inspire Your Next Trip

By Whym LLC on Apr 20, 2020

Anyone else going a little crazy from boredom this month? The last few weeks of social distancing and quarantining(is that a word?) have left us with tons of time for finding new hobbies and streaming movies and getting lost in some great books. Since you aren’t able to travel right now but have plenty ofContinue reading "10 Great Books to Inspire Your Next Trip"

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April Showers Bring Virtual Flowers

By Whym LLC on Apr 13, 2020

Or should we say April showers along with a new pandemic accompanied by mandatory social distancing brings virtual flowers? Are you going crazy yet? We know it’s hard not being able to do your favorite things right now- think about how us travel junkies feel! The silver lining is that we are all in thisContinue reading "April Showers Bring Virtual Flowers"

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Quarantine Vacation Destinations by State Pt. 2

By Whym LLC on Apr 02, 2020

26.Lake McDonald in West Glacier, Montana While the visitor center and bookstore here are closed until further notice, this is one of the most beautiful destination Montana locals and non-locals could possibly vacation to for some fresh air and nature once travel bans are lifted. 27.Toadstool Geological Park in Crawford, Nebraska Following current CDC guidelines,Continue reading "Quarantine Vacation Destinations by State Pt. 2"

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Quarantine Vacation Destinations by State Pt. 1

By Whym LLC on Mar 30, 2020

Is the title of this blog post a mouthful? Yes. Are we super bummed out that we can’t travel right now? Also yes. Is this an insanely crazy time to be alive? YES YES YES. The cool news is that humans are adaptable and we will certainly overcome this. Yes, even us travel junkies! SinceContinue reading "Quarantine Vacation Destinations by State Pt. 1"

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Virtual Travel Tours That Won’t Disappoint

By Whym LLC on Mar 23, 2020

You know we always got your back, right? We understand the severity of the current circumstances in the world and we only want to send positive vibes your way during this time. The health and safety of all of our readers and traveler friends is our main focus right now! That means we know youContinue reading "Virtual Travel Tours That Won’t Disappoint"

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Should You Stop Traveling in the Light of Coronavirus?

By Whym LLC on Mar 10, 2020

Don’t Let This Bug Bug you! If you’re feeling slightly panicked, your hands are sweating and you feel a headache coming on, it can make you a little paranoid that you’re coming down with something.  Well relax, those are not the symptoms of COVID-19. It’s probably just overwhelming anxiety about everything you’ve seen on tvContinue reading "Should You Stop Traveling in the Light of Coronavirus?"

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Vance Creek Bridge: A Lonely Beauty

By Whym LLC on Feb 20, 2020

One of the most breathtaking scenes in the Pacific Northwest is abandoned. Stretching across 827 feet and hidden away in Mason County, Washington, Vance Creek Bridge is one of the most popular and debated structures in the area. Looming at 347 feet tall, it’s the second-highest railroad arch in the United States and has satContinue reading "Vance Creek Bridge: A Lonely Beauty"

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The Magic of Fern Canyon

By Whym LLC on Feb 19, 2020

Tucked along the coast of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park in Humboldt County, California dinosaurs roamed in 1997 — well, animatronic ones. Steven Spielberg utilized this hidden gem for multiple scenes in The Lost World: Jurassic Park and it doesn’t take long to wonder why. Walking through Fern Canyon is nothing short of entering aContinue reading "The Magic of Fern Canyon"

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Most Romantic Cities in America

By Whym LLC on Feb 11, 2020

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, thoughts drift towards romance, flowers, chocolates, and how to spend quality time with the one you love. Whym staffers tend to be a sappy, soft and gooey kind of group (pink milkshakes will be on the lunch table on February 14th.  Bet on it!) and we want to help setContinue reading "Most Romantic Cities in America"

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Delayed Flight? No Problem!

By Whym LLC on Jan 26, 2020

@whale If there is no option to your delayed flight other than waiting it out, don’t stress! There’s no point and it won’t help you get to your destination any faster. If you’re too panic-y to figure out what to do with this new found free-time, we’ve got you covered. People watching is only entertainingContinue reading "Delayed Flight? No Problem!"

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