15 Travel Influencers of Color You'll Want to Follow

15 Travel Influencers of Color You'll Want to Follow

1.Lolá of @Lolaakinmade

If you’re looking for a travel photographer and author with some serious talent, Lolá is your girl! Follow her travels and journey at the link above and be sure to check out her website for more about her work and gorgeous photography portfolios here.


2.Ernest of @flybrother

Ernest hosts a television travel series about friendship and connection at the link above. He has traveled around the globe six times and is inspired to help you do the same! Learn more about his passion here!


3.Erick of @minoritynomad

This travel journalist, photographer and global citizen’s instagram account does not disappoint. For anyone looking for travel and cultural inspiration, Erick is a must follow! You can also check out his YouTube channel here.


4.Francesca of @ongrloneworld

This beauty and travel blogger will have you more than motivated to not only get out and see the world but level up your skincare routine as well! Francesca has been featured in The Washington Post as well as Forbes Magazine for her inspiring travel blogger style.


5.Tausha of @theglobegetter

This travel writer and blogger is here to share her love of seeing the world with you through her own personal stories and pro tips. You can learn more about here at her website here!


6.Nathan of @worldwidenate

Nathan is a surfer and travel blogger who hosts his own television series Escape With Nate. His mission is to get people excited about seeing the world and you can listen to him do just that here on Spotify.


7.Glo of @glographics

Glo is a traveling content creator whose current mission is to change the world through community and allyship for the Black community. You can learn all about 30 days and 30 ways to be a better ally here!


8.Kellee of @kelleesetgo

Kellee is an adventure travel journalist and award winning television host for the Travel Channel and Travel and Leisure. She definitely knows how to travel with passion and purpose and we recommend learning all about her work here.


9.The Hambricks Family of @thetravelingchild

If you’re in need of not just a cuteness overload but also ideas for couples trips, traveling with kids and “momcations” this is the perfect account to follow. Their travel motto is “If kids live there, kids can visit!” We so agree! Check out their website here.


10.Ashlee of @willdrinkfortravel

This self-proclaimed cocktail enthusiast is your go to girl for finding the right spot for drinks no matter where you’re traveling to next. You can learn more about Ashlee here.

11.Tremond and Eze of @theblackoutdoors

The Black Outdoors’ mission is to ignite your passion for recreation and adventure and started the social media campaign #diversifyoutdoors. They have a really cool page of travelers visiting places all over the world so be sure to check them for inspiration on your next vacation!


12.Bisa of @mylestotravel

Bisa is a self-proclaimed plus-sized adventurer, freelance writer and speaker who has traveled to her fair share of places around the world. Her instagram account will surely have you motivated to get outside and see the world on your terms!


13.Tomiko of @passportsandgrub

Tomiko is a travel expert whose goal is to provide travel tips and help brands shift the culture on diversity in tourism. If you’re looking for a good sunset or cityscape, she’s your girl. Check out her website here.


14.Danielle of @hotelwhisperer

Danielle is travel writer and Luxury Experience Curator which basically means that she knows all there is to know about where and how to get the hotel of your dreams on your next vacation. Learn more about her here!


15.Ruth of @havekiddoswilltravel

This family of six loves to travel and share their love of travel with the world. They blog about everything from family life and nature to travel and learning! You can learn more about this beautiful family here.