Time Traveling in America

By Whym LLC on May 17, 2021

You may or may not have picked up on this, but the team here at Whym LOVES to travel. Near or far, with 3 suitcases or just the clothes on our back, for the food or for the views- regardless of what our itinerary has in store for us, we’re always ready for a newContinue reading "Time Traveling in America"

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America’s Most Breathtaking Hot Springs

By Whym LLC on May 10, 2021

The winter season is nearing its end but we all know there are still a handful of weeks left until we can pack up our coats and boots for the spring. We know you’re dying to pull out your bathing suits and get outside as soon as humanly possible without figuratively freezing to death andContinue reading "America’s Most Breathtaking Hot Springs"

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Solo Travel for the Soul

By Whym LLC on May 03, 2021

All this extra time during quarantine has allowed so many of us to think about what really makes us happy in life. For so many of us, it’s traveling! And hopefully other things seeing as how we can’t really travel at the moment..we digress. This post is all about making more of that time toContinue reading "Solo Travel for the Soul"

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Breathtaking Hikes for Your Next Outdoor Vacation

By onawhym on Aug 13, 2020

Got oxygen? Good. We’re sharing some of the most breathtaking mountains and trails on America’s west coast-literally and figuratively. From the near 3,000 steps of the Manitou Inline in Colorado to the 211 miles of rocky beauty on the John Muir Trail in California, your next hiking excursion is sure to include plenty of altitude(andContinue reading "Breathtaking Hikes for Your Next Outdoor Vacation"

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Top Ten Travel Shows to Binge on Netflix

By Whym LLC on Apr 27, 2020

1.Dark Tourist This intense and adventurous docu-series follows a journalist around on some pretty eerie and straight up scary destinations that you have to watch for yourself. Ask anyone who’s binged this series and they’ll tell you it’s worth the watch, especially anyone who’s into all things haunted, creepy or unruly. 2.The Kindness Diaries ThisContinue reading "Top Ten Travel Shows to Binge on Netflix"

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Your 5 New Favorite Travel Podcasts

By Whym LLC on Apr 23, 2020

If podcasts weren’t really your thing before social distancing, they probably are now. What an easy way to fit some inspiration and education into your day without really doing… anything! We’re always down for a little education, especially when it comes to our favorite thing-travel! We’re sharing some of our favorite podcasts that will inspireContinue reading "Your 5 New Favorite Travel Podcasts"

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10 Great Books to Inspire Your Next Trip

By Whym LLC on Apr 20, 2020

Anyone else going a little crazy from boredom this month? The last few weeks of social distancing and quarantining(is that a word?) have left us with tons of time for finding new hobbies and streaming movies and getting lost in some great books. Since you aren’t able to travel right now but have plenty ofContinue reading "10 Great Books to Inspire Your Next Trip"

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Be Proud, Be Loud, and Celebrate Pride!

By Whym LLC on Jun 29, 2019

The month of June is a time to make yourself aware and to celebrate the impact that LGBTQ+ people have had on our world – and this year may be the biggest celebration of all. In June 1969, the Stonewall riots occurred in New York City and began the path to equal rights for allContinue reading "Be Proud, Be Loud, and Celebrate Pride!"

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Why You Should Travel Post Graduation

By Whym LLC on Jun 14, 2019

You did it! @dear_jondog After years of late night cram sessions, endless exams and difficult labs, you finally graduated and now you’re faced with an important question: what’s next? While many people take this time to focus on finding careers in their chosen paths, many others are feeling lost and confused, unsure of what toContinue reading "Why You Should Travel Post Graduation"

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Why I Travel – Bridget K. Scotti

By Whym LLC on May 25, 2019

We kick off our Why I Travel series with a post from our founder Bridget K. Scotti! Find out why she travels, what she loves about it, and why you should already be on the way to the airport!

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