5 Thrilling West Coast Destinations

5 Thrilling West Coast Destinations

If you’re in need of a good adrenaline rush on your next west coast vacation, we’ve got you covered! In no particular order, here are our top 5 activities to add a little thrill to your next trip.



1.Swimming with Sharks in Alcatraz – San Fransisco Bay, California

Ever dreamed of the great escape from the notorious Alcatraz Prison? Uh….us either! BUT if you have ever had a longing to feel the rush of escape, Sharkfest Swim in Alcatraz is the perfect thrilling(borderline scary if we do say) activity on the west coast. This is a 75 minute swim race in sub 60 degree water from the island of Alcatraz back to San Fransisco. The race costs $250 and clearly states that novices should NOT attempt this race. Oof. We think we’ll sit this one out.



2. The Space Needle in Seattle, Washington

Unless you’re terrified of heights, this may seem like a less terrifying thrill than the sharkfest above. This west coast landmark is an observation center and has around 20,000 visitors every day. Featuring two tourist levels-an all glass level below and an open-air deck above, the Space Needle has been completely transformed to welcome visitors every day. For only $35 a ticket this is certainly worth doing at least once in your lifetime!



3.Bridge to Nowhere Bungee Jump in Los Angeles, California

After a peaceful 5 mile hike to the tope of The Bridge of Nowhere, you then jump off it. Exhilarating for some, terrifying for most and fear conquering for all. The company who runs and operates this thrilling bungee jump is proud to say that there have been no injuries for 20 years! The fact that this even deserves bragging rights says something about the level of thrill this jump will provide.



4.Hot Air Balloon Rides over Napa Valley, Calirfornia

The initial thought of riding in a hot air balloon doesn’t seem like it would give you major butterflies, but once you’re up close to one and see just how high up they go you’ll probably change your mind. Next time you’re traveling out west, be sure to experience the beauty of Napa Valley in the most extra and thrilling way possible and make Carl and Russell proud(If you don’t get our Up reference, we can’t be friends.)



5.Wild Life Tours in Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska is an insanely beautiful state and equally thrilling. The city of Anchorage offers endless options to visit and experience all of the thrilling wildlife it has to offer. You can see bears, whales, moose, elk and breathtaking birdlife all in their natural habitat. The link above allows you to filter out the right tour for you!