5 Tips for Staying Active on Your Next Trip

5 Tips for Staying Active on Your Next Trip

If you’re planning to vacation to a new city and don’t want to miss out on your workout routine, these are the five simplest ways to ensure your mind and body stay active while your visiting a new city.




1. Take advantage of free gym passes

Most commercial gyms (and even some local ones) will give potential new members access to their gyms for free! Some will even provide an entire week-how convenient!  There are also free mobile apps like ClassPass that show you where local fitness facilities are located and offer passes to go check them out for free. 

2. No gym? No Problem!

Some of us are gym people, some are outdoorsy workout types, some prefer the comfort of our own…couch-not judging! It’s not always easy to break out of your fitness comfort zone but if you’re a gym person and find yourself without a facility to sweat in while traveling, trying an outdoor workout for a few days is a great way to challenge your mind and body. The best part is getting to enjoy your new scenery and get some fresh vacation air.



3. Walk and take the stairs when you can

This is pretty straight forward and can also apply to every day life. Walking instead of Ubering or taking a cab not only keeps your body moving on vacation but also gives you the perfect opportunity to explore and sightsee the city your traveling in. And think about all the money you’ll save! Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes.



4. Google “hotel room workouts”- yes it’s really a thing.

This may be more of a last resort if 1-3 aren’t possible but if the fitness world on social media has shown us anything, it’s that hotel room workouts are a real thing. You’ll find yourself utilizing all things hotel room related-floor, bed, chair, suitcase….random bible in the drawer? Another thing you can try is a getting in a great ab workout by laughing at the silly instagram videos people post. 



5. Don’t stress if you can’t make it happen! You’re on vacation.

This is the most important tip! We know staying active is a lifestyle for some but if you’re finding yourself stressing too much over where and how you’re going to workout while you’re on vacation, you may be defeating the purpose of your trip. Don’t stress! Use this as an opportunity to try a new form of self appreciation like meditation or stretching.