7 Road Trip Games That are More Fun Than Being on Your Screens

7 Road Trip Games That are More Fun Than Being on Your Screens

Getting away from our screens is a special way to embrace the company of your friends and family while traveling on the road. What better way to enjoy everyone's company than some good old-fashioned, screen-free road trip games? Cue the nostalgia. Here are 7 seven road trip games you loved as a kid but probably forgot about:


iSpy is great because you can play anywhere and you'll never run out of things to...spy, if you will. The rules are simple. One person at a time will discreetly pick an object to be what they "spy" and they announce to the rest of the players "I spy with my little eye something that is...*insert descriptive word here*" Then the rest of the people in the car try to discover what the object is. Pretty straight forward, but always entertaining. 

The Alphabet Game

This is great game to play if you're trying to keep everyone awake because you have to be super attentive. On the contrary, this is a horrible game to play if you're driving through Kansas(don't @ us Kansas. It is what it is.) The rules are simple: each players starts with "A" and tries to find every letter in the alphabet via signs you pass on the road until you get to "Z." You can't steal another players word so when you start getting to XYZ...you better be on top of your game.

21 questions

Pick one person at a time to think of something- it can be anything! Then, the rest of the people in the car have 21 questions to ask to guess what the person who is "it" was thinking. The first person to guess in under 21 questions is the winner!

The Name Game

This is a fun game that could easily go on forever. You simply start with the name of any famous person, then the next person up has to choose another famous person whose name starts with the ending letter of the last person's name. So for example, if the person name was Justin Bieber(yeah, that was our first thought, sue us) then the next person could say Brad Pitt, then Pam Anderson, etc... It's a lot more fun when each person has a time limit!

Battle of the bands

This game works best with 3 or more people in the car. How it works: Two participants will choose their favorite song after the "judge" gives a category to choose from. Each song will be played, then the judge will choose their favorite based on the category given. This can go on for however many rounds you choose. The winner is whoever had their song chosen for the most rounds. 

The Singing Game

This game is fun for people who are quick with wit. If you've seen the movie Pitch Perfect, you know this game! Basically the first participants starts to sing a line from a song and then the next person up has to continue a new song lyric from the last word the previous person sang. For example: Person A sings "Just a small town girl..." then person B would need to sing "I can tell he's been lyin..." and so forth.

While You Were Sleeping

This game is more of a prank on the first person to fall asleep in the car than an actual game. How to play: After you can be sure that that person is actually asleep, the awake people in the car begin to make up a ridiculous story, taking turns by adding to it. Once the asleep passenger wakes up, everyone has to put on their best poker face and convince the sleepy head that this story is absolutely true. If anyone breaks character while explaining or is unable to get them to believe the story, the mission was unsuccessful.