America’s Most Breathtaking Hot Springs

America’s Most Breathtaking Hot Springs

The winter season is nearing its end but we all know there are still a handful of weeks left until we can pack up our coats and boots for the spring. We know you’re dying to pull out your bathing suits and get outside as soon as humanly possible without figuratively freezing to death and luckily there is a loop hole!

America is full of gorgeous natural hot springs and you haven’t checked any of these of off your travel list yet, this is the season to do so! We’re counting down our top picks across the country, so no matter where you’re at this winter season, you can end it on a warm and relaxing note.


1. Chena Hot Springs in Fairbanks, Alaska

This gorgeous Alaskan resort might just cross of two bucket list experiences in one trip. Not only does Chena offer relaxing hot springs for adults and children, but it is the perfect location to see the Northern Lights. What more could you ask for in a destination?


2. The Esalen Hot Springs in Big Sur, California

If you’re looking for a more spiritual vacation experience, this hot spring resort is for you. These natural mineral and hot springs have been used in healing ritual by the Esselen people for more than 6,000 years. Today, the experience of Esalen is considered a place of adventure where you are encouraged to relax sans bathing suit if you so wish! Would you do it?


3. Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Considered by Colorado natives to be one of the most beautiful cities for hot springs, Steamboat Springs has so much natural beauty and endless warm waters to enjoy on your next western vacation. Whether you choose to stay in cabins or camp out in your own tent, you will always stay busy(and warm) at Strawberry Park Hot Springs.


4. Chianti Hot Springs in Pesidio, Texas

Located in the Chihuahua Desert, this long-loved hot spring has been welcoming travelers from both sides of the border for years of relaxation and southern comfort. Many visitors are surprised to learn that aside from relaxing in the springs and hiking and biking the scenic trails in Chianti, there is also a lot of historic artwork to be enjoyed. Truly a relaxing destination for your next southern vacation.


5. Hot Springs National Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Our last hot spring is as far east as we could find without losing the “breathtaking” factor. As you might have guessed, hot springs past the west coast are hard to find-check out this crazy interactive map that speaks for itself!

Hot Springs National Park in Garland County is America’s oldest known hot spring containing 47 natural waters to enjoy on your next relaxing vacation. You can also hike over 30 miles of scenic trails through the Ouachita Mountains complete with breathtaking hot water cascades.