April Showers Bring Virtual Flowers

April Showers Bring Virtual Flowers

Or should we say April showers along with a new pandemic accompanied by mandatory social distancing brings virtual flowers? Are you going crazy yet? We know it’s hard not being able to do your favorite things right now- think about how us travel junkies feel!

The silver lining is that we are all in this together and luckily, many of the places we would be traveling to, to enjoy the beauty of spring offer virtual tours. Does it cut close to the excitement of actually being at these destinations? No. But can you at least still take a virtual day trip while cuddling your dog and drinking a glass of wine? Yes. Totally. We will get through this, people!

Check out these gorgeous U.S. gardens and escape reality for a bit!


The cool thing about this Washington, D.C. tour is that it is constantly changing! It is highly likely that your second virtual tour will be completely different from your first. Two highlights right now are cherry trees, orchids and a historic tour that takes you through the pas 200 years of the botanic gardens.


Take a virtual vacation through the 250 acres of The Bronx’s Botanical Garden’s current spring landscape featuring daffodils, magnolias, orchids and so many other flower families that are harder to pronounce than the ones we listed. They also have a few tours with featured artists going on right now!


These virtual tours actually allow you to connect virtually with friends and family so that can take a virtual vacation to Dallas, Texas together! They are currently featuring 9 different tours with some of them being educational and all of them being equally colorful and pretty.


Featuring 8 different garden walk tours, this Kennet Square, Pennsylvania garden is staying positive and doing what they can to keep everyone in the spirit of spring! They are also offering educational content for aspiring gardeners and since you’re probably bored and isolated out of your mind- why not pick up a new hobby!