Best Vehicles for Road Trips

Best Vehicles for Road Trips

Whether you’re a full time traveler looking to buy or lease a new vehicle to call home or you’re just needing something practical to rent for your next road trip, you know how important the combination of comfort, mileage and cargo space is going to be…or did you? Well, now you know for sure and we’re going to help you decide some of your best options!

Before we list out which vehicles are perfect for long term traveling and road tripping, here are a couple basic rules of thumb:

Crossovers are typically going to be a smarter option than a full on van.

If you plan on driving a lot(hello, isn’t that the point?) then you’re far better off with a 4 cylinder vehicle that is going to be much better on gas. Of course, vans are great for sleeping and having extra space, but there are enough crossover options with plenty of space available that make this one a no-brainer.

Look for energy efficient technologies in your vehicle.

Things like cylinder deactivation, start/stop technology, turbo-charged engines, low-rolling resistance tires and direct injection can make huge differences in your gas mileage-especially when traveling long distance and for lengthy periods of time.

1.Honda CR-V

Adaptive cruise control, plenty of space for yourself and your luggage and turbo-charged engine make this a great option for traveling long-term.

2.Toyota Rav 4

Great for traveling through dirt roads and even off-road as well as piling on the miles, the Rav 4 is a trustworthy and durable option for your next road trip!

3.Ford Explorer

If comfort is a main priority for your next vacation, this may be your top bet. The newer models feature ventilated seats, plenty of cargo space and A SEAT MASSAGER for the passenger and driver. Need we say more?

4.GMC Terrain

This crossover features tons of power and performance, safety features and great gas mileage. The newest Terrain models also come highly recommended for any off-roading trips!

5.Chevy Traverse

With an incredibly smooth drive, frequent and handy usb ports and unique cargo and storage space, this vehicle makes for a comfortable and convenient road trip.

6.Toyota Highlander

Great for navigating through tough terrains, canceling outside noises and featuring easy to use interior technology, the Highlander is also a great option if safety features are at the top of your list! Your next vacation is sure to be comfortable and safe in this vehicle!