Bloody Marys that will Spice Up Your Next Vacation

Bloody Marys that will Spice Up Your Next Vacation

There are two types of brunchers in this world: Mimosa people and people who like to include a full course miniature meal on top of their boozy beverage, possibly with a side of heart burn but always worth it. Always. Worth it.

Regardless of where your next vacation destination is located, we can all agree that a drink will probably be enjoyed at some point on your trip. And no, the overpriced 3oz of wine on the plane does not count(we all have our coping mechanisms.) We’ve found some of the spiciest, heartiest, and most unique Bloody Marys that America has to offer. Just be sure to pack some antacid in case you get lucky with a bottomless bar.

The Bloody Best. The Nook Atlanta, Georgia – Two words: Meat. Straw. The Bloody Best served at The Nook I’m Atlanta, Georgia has everything you ever wish for AND it’s a giant 32oz. of spicy goodness made with 6oz. Of spicy pepper vodka. You could easily get away with only ordering one(or two-hey, we’re not judging) of these for your entire meal. And if you don’t plan on traveling to the south anytime soon, you can live through these bruncher’s photos on Instagram. Oh yeah, they also serve tatchos here so you can bet to find a few tator tots on your drink alongside the meat, toast, egg, olives, cheese….woo. 

The Barn Yard. Farmers Table La Mesa, California – Have you ever been looking at the brunch drink menu and you literally want to order one of everything because…well, you’re on vacation! Good news- the time has come to finally treat yo self and do just that. The Barn Yard Bloody Mary served at Farmers Table La Mesa in California has taken the brainwork out of decision making and combined all four of their signature Bloody Marys into one extreme pitcher and tops it off with *drum roll please* AN ENTIRE ROASTED CHICKEN. This will cost a decent chunk of money at $55 a pitcher; it’s intended to serve 4 people but we’re treating ourselves remember? Totally worth the price.

Brunch For Two. Party Fowl. Nashville, Tennessee. – If you thought that one entire roasted chicken was insane, try TWO whole FRIED chickens on top of 55oz of an ultra spicy house made Bloody Mary. Oh and two whole scotch eggs, fried okra and an entire avocado. This is the epitome of a proper brunch. What more could you ask for on a southern vacation? Wet-naps…maybe?

The Hail Mary. Star Bar. Austin, Texas. – We saved dessert for last! If there is one thing that could perfectly complete the literal meal that is an over-the-top Bloody Mary, it’s donuts. Yeah, you read that correctly. The Hail Mary at Star Bar in Austin, Texas carters to your sweet tooth every 3rd Sunday of the month with powdered and chocolate donuts alongside your usual extravagant Bloody Mary toppings. This is one you have to see to believe and should certainly top your brunch bucket list on your next vacation!